Taking stock

(copying Bridget and Katrina...you know how I do.)

Making: pumpkin muffins for dinner (literally just a can of pumpkin, a box spice cake, and chocolate chunks...so delicious)
Drinking: water, and tea now it's getting chillier in the evenings
Reading: An Abundance of Katherines and the Unfancy blog...getting caught up
Wanting: to find time to binge-watch the new episodes of Parenthood
Listening: to my fall mixes on Spotify which mostly feature Nickel Creek and Alexi Murdoch
Eating: Boy Scout caramel popcorn and guacamole
Smelling: crisp fall air coming through the open windows
Enjoying: the new ways Kate is interacting with us. She's more smiley, more cuddly, more willing to play and have fun with us. And also nap with her dad, which is too adorable.
Loving: the ability to take jogger runs with Kate in the fall weather, oh and unabashed selfies
Hoping: we have a fun and relaxing weekend in Columbus in the next couple days - celebrating David's birthday with his family
Feeling: a little less stressed than last week, which is always great
Wearing: leggings and t-shirts during the day, cozy sweaters and jeggings and loose tops when I go out in public
Noticing: the changing colors in our neighborhood (fall theme much?) and how different Kate is day to day
Bookmarking: ways to treat baby colds (poor thing has the biggest frog in her throat) and how to maybe start using essential oils? new territory for me

What are you up to?