Nota bene

This article, by my former roommate (hi Mary!) interviewing some of my bestest friends, about the Church's upcoming Synod on Marriage and the Family -- and the sacredness of marriage. (I feel famous because I personally know everyone in the article minus Chris Stefanick. Nbd.)

This terrible collection of bridesmaid photos, because everyone needs a good laugh on a Monday morning. Caitlin, I'm expecting all of these to be reenacted on November 8. I'll bring the props, okay?

The fact that Kayla so generously informed me that my comments were no-reply again. I swear I have linked my blogger email to my profile like 100 times by now, but I think every time I log into my Wordpress account (for a different blog) it messes it up. So apologies if you've been trying to reply to my comments and can't - it's a big pet peeve of my own so I am very very sorry! I am going to be regularly checking it from now on. (And thanks again Kayla!!)

This adorable picture of Kate lounging in her bath the other morning after an extreme poop-splosion at Mass.

She was obviously unfazed by the whole incident. Unlike her father.

The fact that I will be posting her 4 month update post...sometime this week, probably.

That today is Monday and this week best go by fast!


  1. No problemo ;) And look at that cutie straight chillin'!


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