Five favorites: lately

1. Lots of fall evening walks, which of course include an adorably bundled-up baby and feet pictures.

2. Once Upon a Time, which has very recently (as of last night at like 10 p.m.) become my new obsession. I always thought it sounded ridiculous. And then I started watching it and I'm down for the count and apologizing for every time I dissed it in my head. (And yes, it's on Netflix.)

3. Adorable Husker game watching with this little cutie in her somewhat boyish outfit.

4. DayQuil and decaf tea, because we're suffering as a family through a rash of voice-losing colds and trying not to succumb completely to their powers. (see below current favorite flavor, country peach)

5. Getting excited for this beautiful lady's wedding in less than 2 weeks, and writing the toast for her wedding, and internally freaking out about the beauty of vocations and the excitement of parties and such. She's great. (Also how crazy young do we look?!)

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  1. have the same exact outfit as baby Kate. Twinsies!

  2. Adorable baby! I have been such a baby about Fall walks... you may have inspired me to change that!


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