4 months

Kateri Amelia turned 4 months old on September 30th! Let's do a recap, shall we?

Weight: 15 lbs 11 oz., making her 80th percentile for her age. She's definitely markedly heavier - I noticed a big jump in how quickly I got tired holding her about 2 weeks ago. Her legs and tummy are getting chubby, and she's even got the end-of-arm rolls. Too adorable.

Height: 28 inches, making her still around 95th percentile for her age. She is definitely lengthening out!

Firsts this month: finally rolled over! (from front to back, not quite gotten there on the vice versa part), turns to your voice when her name is called, can put pacifier back in her mouth (never mind that most of the time it's backwards, we still count it as a win), major hair grabbing, and a huge slobber maker in the works.

Fuzzy (due to the hair growing in on her head, sooooo fuzzy)

Other things to note:
-She's wearing at minimum 6 mo. onesies, and lots of sizes up through 12 month pants and jeggings. How cute are baby jeggings, by the way?
- She is going through sleep regression right now, which is a pain in the booty, but is otherwise very well behaved most of the time.
- She's perfected the pouty face when she wants some attention and it is so cute.
- I really miss having my camera right now to take cute pictures of her all the time...I'm spoiled, I know.
- She's officially getting too aware of the world to be able to sleep well in her carseat or in our arms when we're out in public or at church. I've been using our carseat cover which has helped but most of the time if she falls asleep out in the world, it's for very short periods of time.

We love you, girlie. Thanks for being our beautiful little daughter!


  1. End of arm rolls! How cute! (A belated because I'm behind on my blog reading) Happy 4 months, Kate!


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