He's old...

Happy birthday to my favorite man!

David turns 24 today, so if you get the chance say an extra prayer for him today. He is almost a quarter of a century old, which as Kate so eloquently expressed is "gahhhhh goooo gahhhhh" aka very very old.

It's been quite a year for us - since you turned 23, we:
--found out we were pregnant
--went on quite a few trips: Purdue, Ball State, Atkinson NE, Columbus NE, Colorado, and New Mexico
--did more home improvement projects than I can even count
--laughed a lot
--watched a ton of movies and TV together
--fought a lot too
--survived an appendectomy and a radioactive thyroid treatment
--took lots of walks and drives around town
--went to Menards about 1000 times, no joke
--experienced the birth of our DAUGHTER
--learned how to care for a baby together
--took lots of fun selfies
--failed at loving each other sometimes, but tried and tried again to be better

I love you so much, dear. Hope this next year is as wonderful as the last was!
your wife,


  1. So sweet! Happy birthday to him! Looks like our husbands are basically birthday buds...Landon's is on Saturday!


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