7QT #25: strikes, Divergent, and fall eats

The nap striker.
I never thought I would say those words, especially about my adorable little sweet hellion of a good sleeper baby. (Excuse me while I eat my words with reluctance.)

Well, I don't know what it is. Teething, or a growth spurt, 4-month shots, or the 4 month sleep regression (my money's there), or just general fussiness that can't be reasonably explained. But we've got a genuine nap/sleep fighter on our hands. Any tips for me? Just wait it out? That's my theory right now, as I go in every 20 minutes during her nap and every 2 hours at night to soothe her back to sleep...

We took a tour of the under-construction Newman Center last weekend before the Husker game. We weren't quite sure that Kate would be allowed, but they didn't have a technical age limit on the tours (hooray!) so we went with this:

No, unfortunately she's not just suspended in midair. She's in the Ergo underneath a very fancy safety vest. I was glad I wasn't the one wearing her, because there were a lot of stairs and also a lot of pictures taken.

My momiform, again, which now includes these $15 shirts from Target which are the beeeeesssttttt. Cheap and slouchy and they even have a pocket on the front!

Yeah, you can all tell I don't have my camera. iPhone photos are not the ideal, but they are sufficient for the moment.

Divergent. Finally saw the movie, and for the first time I read the book AFTER seeing the movie.
I know, disown me from my English major right this very second. I was pretty ashamed of myself. Until I realized that I LOVED it. Love love loved it.

Seeing a movie and then reading the book was, as you can probably suspect, a new experience for me. I watched the movie on Saturday night with David and then devoured the book between then and this morning. Although I'm sure sometimes I'd prefer not to do it that way, I liked having the images from the movie (which I thought was a great movie) in my brain while I was reading.

I'm now moving onto the next two books here shortly, and I will report back when I've finished.

So far my reactions? Movie: better than Hunger Games. Book: worse writing, perhaps more interesting material, but HG are better books. I'm excited to see where they go from here. I read the first in like 3 days and devoured 3/4 of Insurgent last night.

Kate and I need to get out of the house more, so we took a walk last night before the sun set.

The sun was finally out after 2 solid days of rain (over 6" in some parts of Lincoln, no joke) and the leaves were crunchy. It was the perfect fall afternoon.

I am craving all things fall recently, since it's finally looking and feeling like it around here. I need to break out the crockpot and start making some great soups! Bridget posted a great recipe for corn chowder, which I've never made, and looks delicious. Then Annie posted one for Chicken Fiesta Soup, which looks sooooooo good. I'm gonna have to try both here very soon.

Hope your weekend is wonderfully fall-ish. Linking up with Jen for quick takes!