Two Months

Guys, can you even believe it? Kate is two months old...whoops, yesterday. (I should probably give up hope on ever posting these on her actual month-day, or whatever you call it.) But seriously, where did the time go? I can't believe it. I'm sure that it will continue to fly by as she gets older and older but it seems like she was just born yesterday. Craziness.

This month I still haven't had her 8 week appointment (yikes) so it's looking like you're still gonna get stats from last month's appointment, with a little guesswork included. Lucky you!

Weight: at her last appointment, she was 11 lbs 5 oz. (88th percentile). Big girl for only a month old! Since then I can definitely feel that she's getting heavier, and at our last unscientific weigh-in, she was approximately 12.5 lbs. That was a few weeks ago so I'm guessing she's around the 13 mark. Big, big baby.

Height: At one month, she was 23" (97th percentile). We measured her the other day at 25", using the same methods as our doctor, so I'm gonna call her at least 25" if not more. She definitely looks it - her limbs are lengthening out a little bit and she's getting her mother's extremely long torso. Poor baby. Also her head circumference was 15.5 inches, again 97th percentile.

Firsts this month: holding her head up and being able to catch it if it starts to droop, smiling for real at mom and dad, being able to see and play with (aka talk to) her toys, TONS of cooing and gurgling, being able to follow a light/toy with her eyes, and did I mention talking all. the. time.?

Nicknames (new):
Kitty (from her dad - that wasn't a thing before)
Big Belly
My Precious

Other things to note:
-She's wearing primarily 3-6 month clothes, and barely stuffing her belly into those 0-3 month outfits we have left.
-The hardest moment by far this month was her one-month Hep B shot. She was just sooooo sad about the whole thing - I may or may not have teared up in the doctor's office when she got them! Rough. I'm certainly not looking forward to these next ones.
-She's definitely starting to drool, which I hear will pick up in the next month quite a bit. We haven't had a ton of outfits drooled on yet but if she's really concentrating on playing or talking or watching something, it will start to leak out and it is sooooo cute. I'm thinking I'll need to buy some bibs here soon!
-She started to like the camera in the last few days, which is helpful for her monthly photo shoots.
-She loves being held up around her armpits allowing her to sit up and look around.
-She sat in her Bumbo for the first time this month, and her thighs are so big that she's almost outgrown it already. Whoops.
-If she really really concentrates, she can sort of swing her hands forward and hit the toys on her vibrating seat (praised here) which is so adorable to watch. Her forehead gets all wrinkled and she sort of squints her eyes and will barely hit it and be so happy with herself that she coos like crazy.

We love you, baby girl!


  1. She is sooo stinkin cute! The nicknames crack me up...especially "My Precious" (please tell me y'all say it in a Gollum voice?).


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