A Bridal Shower

Over the weekend my beautiful friend Katie and I hosted a shower for our equally beautiful tropical fish bride-to-be Caitlin, who is getting married in (quick math) 101 days! (Previous to that google date calculation, I had no idea how long it was. What a great number, right?)

The "theme" (I can't believe I even used that word in accordance with a party I planned. Who am I? take that term with a grain of salt) was the same as her invitations - The Future Mrs. Oh, I didn't show you the invites? Well, they have my home address, phone number, and Caitlin's future last name on them so you're going to have to use your imagination. Suffice it to say that it had The Future Mrs. on them. I whipped them up in InDesign spur of the moment after seeing some like them on Minted and not wanting to shell out $50+ for 20 invites.

We had mimosas and iced tea, egg casserole, fruit, and brownies. It was too darn hot to run the oven in the days leading up to the shower, so I bought store-made brownies. Best decision ever - they were delicious and so much cooler than turning on our oven to make them.

Katie had all the hard jobs, aka the cooking. She made some delicious egg casseroles (one with bacon, one with sausage...yummmm) which I failed to get pictures of, so please accept my sincere bloggeress apologies for that fail.

We played two games, both interview-style. The first was asking the guests to answer questions about the bride, and the second was a set of questions that were asked to the bride about the groom. I may be biased but they were both pretty fun, and hopefully not too awkward.

Shall I move on to the rest of the photos? (They're always my favorite parts of posts like these.)

door decs are always fun

Guest book W for their new place
beautiful flowers via Katie

my lovely co-hostess

more par-tay people

It was a great time and I felt like a real adult, hosting a shower in my own house!
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