Answer Me This [#1]

I'm a little nervous when it comes to joining link-ups for the first time. It took me a few weeks of nervously failed blog posts to join Jen's weekly quick takes party so it was only natural that it would be awhile before I joined Kendra's Answer Me This linkup.

What can I say? I'm a naturally gifted [introvert] blogger so cut me a little bit of slack.

Here goes nothing, y'all.

1. How did you get your name?

For all you who don't know: my full name is Hannah Josephine Therese Baker Gokie. (Yes you can all stalk me on the internet now, congratulations.) I was originally going to be named Lucille/Lucy, my mom's favorite name for a very long time - since she was little, in fact. My parents were totally planning on it until they took one look at me and knew that they couldn't name me that.

Only time acceptable to use urban dictionary? Looking up your name.

I think Hannah was just their second option, to be honest with you. (This was back before Hannah was all that popular.) My middle name is after my great-great-grandmother, on my mom's side somewhere.

Funnily enough? David (whose middle name is Leo) and I both got our middle names from relatives, and he has a pair of great-grandparents that were named Josephine and Leo.

2. Do you have a set time in your day for prayer?

Specifically? No. I don't. When I remember, I try to pray a morning offering when I get up - if I'm coherent enough to remember it. I've been doing some more rosary praying while nursing Kate, especially in the middle of the night, which has been really great and makes me feel very connected to Our Blessed Mother - who, although she didn't get to pray the rosary, actually lived it while nursing Jesus. I mean, no big deal if you think about it. We also just hung up a giant rosary on the wall in our bedroom, the one souvenir we brought home from our honeymoon, right above her cradle so that's a helpful reminder.

all time favorite painting of the two of them!
I try to do an examination of conscience before bed or while falling asleep - my Laudete app has been helpful with that, too. I'm getting back into the swing of things which has been great after a pretty long dry spell spiritually speaking

3. Did your mom work or stay at home (or both)?

My mom was blessed enough to do both! When we were all little - until my youngest sibling went to 1st grade - my mom did freelance copyediting, which is actually pretty similar to my job now, and then went full time once we were all in school. I honestly have very little memory of my mom working, besides seeing her at her desk up in our old house's attic (their bedroom/her office) a few times. I think she did a lot of working once my dad was home from work and late at night - she was always a bit of a night owl.

me on the left with my two non-identical siblings
I'm hoping that my job will allow me to have a similar life plan, although we will have to wait and see. So far with Kateri (week 4 back on the job), so good!

4. Do you vote?

Yes and no. I vote when I can. For some reason I always seem to be extra busy on election days (something wrong about that). Also I'm a registered Independent, so I can't vote in basically the elections that really matter in Nebraska, the primaries. I do get to vote in all the other ones though, obviously, but since we're such a red leaning state it's pretty much decided once we've gotten to that point. (Obviously Omaha is a little different but for Lincoln and the rest of the state, it's red almost all the way).

This election year was one of the first I actually spent time researching the candidates ahead of time, instead of googling them all last minute before I head out to the polling booths. I was pretty proud of myself.

voting "colors" in the 2012 presidential election in NE. pretty clear cut.

5. What's your favorite drink?

Alcoholic? Dr. Pepper & Triple Sec, or a good margarita (not picky on the tequila).

drooling already

On the daily? Water all day every day. I used to be bad at remembering to drink water, but pregnancy & breastfeeding has helped a ton in that area.

Treat? Dr. Pepper or Pepsi. I used to be a Diet Coke addict fan but I can't stomach it since Kate was born. Something about it just tastes weird now. I've heard this can happen with pregnancy hormones and such and it's sort of freaking me out!


Thanks for the inspiration Kendra. Maybe I'll join in again soon!



  1. Excellent job. You really nailed it. ;0)

    Happy feast day to your Kateri!

  2. Dr Pepper and triple sec?? ill have to try that because i have almost a whol bottle of trple sec left from making of July Sangria and didnt know what to do with it!! thanks for the suggestions


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