7QT #17: Edel, surprise treats, and vacation

Since lots o' the fancy lady bloggers are at #Edel14 right now, including Jen, I'm linking up with Carolyn at Svellerella this week for another edition of quick takes! She's one of my favorite bloggers because she speaks French (oui oui, bien sur!), is hilariously honest in her posting, and doesn't shy away from the big topics. Check her out if you haven't yet!

Okay yes, so I'm sad that I'm not at Edel. But to make it better, I tried to explain it to my husband, and the conversation went something like this.

Me: So there's a conference for...(how do I say this?) bloggers this weekend. Everyone I know is going.
David: What kind of conference?
Me: Umm, you know, a conference! With like speakers and stuff.
David: Uhh-huh. Okay. So what kind of bloggers?
Me: Mommy bloggers...of the Catholic variety... (inwardly cringing at the term mommy bloggers, although that's not entirely untrue)
David: Why didn't you go? 
Me: [staring at him blankly] Because we decided we couldn't afford it, remember?
David: [his turn to stare at me blankly]

So, all ye ladies of Edel, know that your conference didn't make enough of an impression on my husband for him to remember us discussing me going. Maybe that slice of humble pie will make you concoct an even better one for next time? (Pretty please?)

So I'm almost done with week 3 of P90X (yes, more fitness blogging, feel free to skip on down to nombre tres) and man, it is toughhhh. I think the farthest I made it into it last time (when I found out I was pregnant) was around this mark and yikes, my body knows it hasn't done this much working out in approximately 9 months. I'm feeling it, for sure.

blurry pre-yoga selfie. blergh.
Plus, Yoga X, Tony Horton's extreme version of here-let's-demonstrate-a-ton-of-moves-you-can-only-dream-of-doing-yoga, is totally sucky. I can do the moving ones just fine (vinyasas? something like that) but then they move into ridiculous things like Crane and Plough and stuff that are far beyond my postpartum abilities at the moment. But at least it gives me a goal for later, right?

You know how sometimes you buy yourself a treat at the grocery store and put it in the fridge, and kind of hide it towards the back so you don't eat/drink it all at once? No just me? Okay well I did that with a box/carton of iced coffee approximately 4 weeks ago and just found it again this morning.


So I had a deliciously fancy and wonderful breakfast this morning of iced coffee and an English muffin topped with strawberry jam. Deliciousssss.

I've owned Photoshop for just about a year now, and am slowly (read: hardly ever) teaching myself how to edit photos. To be fair, I bought it as part of a package for my work from home job, so I don't feel THAT bad, but now that I have a good camera and photoshop, I feel obligated to learn something about them working together. So far my editing skills go as far as VSCOCAM, and that's about it.

To get to the point: Adobe Camera RAW. Anybody use it? Do you like it? Do you just avoid it? Help a new girl out. I'm still trying to figure all this stuff out. 

David and I are leaving for family vacation (with my parents and siblings) next week, and it has me dreaming back to the last time we were in Colorado, when we were just recently engaged. How about a flashback photo or two, just for fun?

We're headed to southern Colorado this year, so it'll be a different experience than our usual Frisco-Breckenridge-Dillon-Estes area vacations. Even though we're traveling with a newborn this time around (yikes!), I'm totally excited! Got anything we need to do in southern Colorado? Hit me up!

Somebody (cough cough, Kate) slept in their crib in their room all night last night for the first time ever! It was definitely a bittersweet moment. I missed being able to sit up slightly in bed and see her, but her sleeping from 2:00 to 8:30 certainly made up for that.

She's the best, what can I say?

I've got to wrap these up because I need to send off a project for work and then get to cleaning & prepping for Caitlin's bridal shower tomorrow! woot woot! I'm sure there will be an update post with all the gory details of the party sometime very soon. Don't hold your breath, though.

Til next time, check out more at Carolyn's!



  1. I had a very similar conversation with my husband. I whined about not being able to go, and he said, "You should go to one of those." And then I remembered Grace (Camp Patton) talking about a conference, too, and found it on her site, and it's on Aug 8. Which is STILL smack dab in busy Summer Camp season.

    We've gotta get bloggers to do a conference in, like, February. In Hawaii. Or Florida. Or some where warm.

    1. I would die if I could go to a momblog conference in February in Hawaii! Agreed. We should start a petition!

  2. Yeah, those 1st 3-4 weeks of P90x are rough! And the hour 1/2 yoga is brutal initially. I think that around week 5 bI had this weird/crazy/awesome moment in which I realized "tomorrow I'm doing the yoga workout & I'm actually looking forward to it" - it was nuts! The yoga belly 7 at the end of the workout kills me every time. Anyway, I am super impressed that you are getting into it postpartum - you've definitely inspired me to maybe grab the weights from the attic (or to at least consider it!). Sorry to leave such a rambling comment re: working out! I just made my way over here from the 7 QT link-up. Happy working out & have a blessed vacation!

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't like the yoga at the beginning! I'm hoping to reach the point where I look forward to it too. So far it's just dread but I will keep you updated! And yeah, it's been tough to get straight into after baby but I've been doing a lot of modifications which has helped a ton.

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