Favorite {Newborn} Baby Things

As a first time mom, I was a little (read: a LOT) overwhelmed by all the choices out there in baby gear. I walked through the aisles in Target in a sort of fuzzy pink-and-blue haze. What out of all of this is necessary? I thought to myself as I scanned the 120 different bottles of baby shampoo and cried a little bit.

Okay, so the tears were fabricated...but I definitely felt some of that emotion. I have a feeling that this list isn't going to be the same for babies #2, 3, 4, and so on (how long did you think that list was going to go? caught ya!) but I thought I'd record it for posterity's sake anyway.

1. Onesies
Since we didn't know the gender of our baby before she was born, the only clothing items we bought were onesies. Best decision ever! We've gotten so many gifts of cute outfits since she was born that I've literally only bought one item that was non-onesie. Onesies are great too because you don't feel bad when they get poop or spitup all over them, because they are so cheap. (The link is not the same as the picture...this is what I get for not finishing a blog post in one sitting. Whoops. Any onesies work, really.)

2. Bouncer Seat
This seat from Target has been a lifesaver. We didn't fork over the cash for a swing, because we're cheap (and also got a hand-me-down one later on), so this was the perfect money saving option. At only $30 at Target it was great. Kate loves that it vibrates with a battery, and especially in the early days when she was fussy, a simple bounce with our feet was enough to calm her down. It's soft, washable, and again cheap so I don't mind if it gets dirty!

3. Nursing bras
This nursing bra is the bomb.com. Seriously. I own two of them and sort of wish that I could pull off wearing them 24/7...as it is I wear them to sleep in and they are gorgeously soft and comfy and make sleeping with breastfeeding needs much, much easier.

4. Medela Hand Pump
Nursing with Kate at the beginning had a little bit of a learning curve. I couldn't tell if she was getting anything before my milk came in, but when it finally did I was so engorged that she couldn't latch on with her itty bitty mouth. Enter hand pump. Although it took awhile to get the hang of, it has been wonderful for when I just need a little assistance or milk for a feeding or two. (We've recently been gifted with an electric pump - used - but I haven't tried it out yet, so this baby's been it.) If your insurance doesn't cover an electric pump (like mine...grandfathered in or some such nonsense), this is worth the investment as a (again, cheap) replacement.

5. Aden + Anais swaddle blankets
I think these are on every new mom's favorites list. I first heard about their wonders from Grace and was convinced that I would at least give them a try when baby was born. Oh man, they have been lifesavers. Since Kate was born in May, swaddling her with anything heavier than this induces a lot of baby sweating, but these are soft and light-weight enough that they're perfect. I cannot recommend them enough. They also work as car seat covers, spit-up blankets, protection from grass/a dirty floor, and as nursing covers. Wonderful blankets.

6. Camelbak water bottle
This obviously isn't a "baby" product, but I have found that although I was great about drinking tons of water during pregnancy, I am not so hot at it when baby is here. The only thing that keeps me hydrated is how fun it is to drink water out of these water bottles. And obviously as a nursing mom I should be drinking tons of water - I'm working on bringing it back up to my previous levels, and it's all due to this. I highly recommend getting a specific water bottle that you really love so you remember to drink water! This one specifically (the double layer of insulation) is great because it really does keep things cooler for longer. 

As you can probably tell if you click the links, I'm a Target addict. I'm not getting any sort of compensation for this post because, obviously, Target isn't that into a mom blogger of my small stature. But I thought I'd link them anyway because it's nice knowing that you can buy all these items at your local Target! (And if you live far away from a Target, I will pray for your soul.)

What items did I miss? What have been your favorite baby products? Tell me in the comments so I can go out and buy them...but only if they're at Tar-jay! :)


  1. I have to agree on the onesies as the best piece of baby clothing. I bought all sorts of cute pants and other outfits for our son and have only used onesies overall! They are my go to for everyday wear.

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