parenting rule breaking {five favs}

So far, some rules I've broken in parenting:

1. Put a Bumbo on the table, a la Kendra:

Okay, this rule seems a little unreasonable. I put tons of things where they shouldn't go, and they tell you that this basically indistructable thing shouldn't go on a big wide table? It's got about the widest base of any chair I've ever seen.

Plus, Kate likes sitting in it and looking at me, instead of on the floor where she can feet. And some chair legs.

2. Let a less-than-3-month-old "cry it out" (somewhat)


I think it would be exhausting to NOT break this rule. If I got up every time Kate made a squeak in the night, I think my head would barely hit the pillow for more than 10 minutes in a row. Unreasonable, in my opinion. We've been putting her in her bassinet by our bed while she's still mostly awake, and letting her make some noise til she puts herself to sleep, since we brought her home from the hospital.

It makes for a wonderful sleeping baby and happy, rested parents.

3. Didn't read a bunch of parenting books

The only things I rely on for parenting advice are my instincts and other Catholic momma blogs. I haven't bought any baby books, and I don't plan on it. I have plenty of resources in the real world (hello, parents, and 4 aunts/uncles that are doctors) to ask questions if I come across them. So far I'm just trusting our instincts as parents and we've been fine.

4. Didn't take 6 weeks of maternity leave

To be fair, my job is working from home, so I'll preface this one by saying that if I had to go back to working in an office 9-5, hell yes I would have taken 6 weeks (at least!) of maternity leave.

As it was, though, I felt lazy being at home NOT working by the beginning of week 3. I toughed it out through that week and started work again when Kate was 3.25 weeks old. It helped me connect to the real world again, and made me feel not so lazy and bored. That sounds bad when I say it like that, but babies at that age just sleep so! darn! much! that I was home all day with her, doing nothing, when I could have been on my computer working.

As she's getting older and more involved and awake during the day, it's been harder working from home (that's a different post, though). But I'm glad I got back to working right away. It made me feel like myself again, and helped us by bringing in some much-needed $$$.

5. Worked out before 6 weeks were over

The second most important man in my life right meow

I was super super SUPER blessed with my recovery. Even with a (shhh..don't read if you're queasy...4th degree episiotomy) rough time in the delivery department, I felt pretty much normal (albeit a little soreness) a week after she was born. I have thanked God every day for the fact that I felt so normal so quickly. With that being said, I was itching to start working out right away after baby was born. I waited a few weeks until I felt it was appropriate, and started by doing a week's worth of light running and cardio when Kate was 4 weeks old, then moved to P90x. Now I'm in week 3 of P90X and loving it. Being able to work out and sweat and move my body is a huge stress relief and just super fun.

Ended up with 5 rules I've broken...might as well link up with Heather and Five Favorites!
Peace -


  1. I have broken all the same rules :) Cute blog too!

  2. Glad I'm not the only one...! and thanks!

  3. Wow Kate has gotten so grown up since these pictures...


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