WIWS: it's been awhile!

28 February 2016

28 February 2016

Linking up with Rosie for What I Wore Sunday for only maybe the second time (third time?) ever on the blog! Last couple times are here for those curious: Nov. 2015, August 2015.

Rosie's hosting this week and trying to revive the trend of WIWS and I'm so up for that! So I forced David to be an Instagram/blog husband and take some photos of Kate and me, which went just about as I expected: Kate tried running away as much as she possibly could, and then faceplanted in her haste to get away from me which was hilarious.

Outfit details:
Dress: Old Navy, similar here
Sweater: Gap, stolen from Caitlin ages and ages ago and I never gave it back (oops)
Belt: Target
Sandals: American Eagle last year

Told you. Literally sprinting out of her cardigan in order to get away from me. Moms are the worst!!! (Rosie, I don't understand how your kids always WANT to be in your photos. Polar opposite over here!)

Kate's outfit:
Sweater; BabyGap (when they had 60% off sale stuff at the end-of-winter sale)
Dress: H&M
Sandals: Payless (from her aunt Natalie for her birthday last year)
Ponytail: courtesy of no bath last night...and some serious bed head before church this morning

I am not one to stick around in my nice clothes after Mass and the grocery store (our normal Sunday routine) so as soon as we're home I changed into this outfit:

Don't get me wrong, dressing up for Mass is nice and very necessary but just lounging at home? Get at me, jeans and a tee.

Also, since I had my nice camera out for this, I took this gem of Kate in her post-Mass clothes too:

Ahh, yes. That's why I don't drag the camera out anymore, because as soon as I do someone (ahem the toddler ahem) makes a big fuss about not being allowed to operate said camera. What a goofball.

If you're curious where our dining room table is, currently it's pushed down farther towards the door because I've been doing some quilting at nights and like to watch Parks & Rec or HIMYM while I do so, and you can't see the TV from the normal place our table's at, so I improvise. Fascinating look into our lives! ;)

Head over to Rosie's to find some more Sunday morning outfit inspiration, if you're so inclined. Have a blessed day of rest!


5 favorites {thinking about recently}

24 February 2016

24 February 2016
squeeeaking it in right under the wire to link up with Ashley at Big White Farmhouse for five favorites!

David's waiting for a meeting right now and I just can't look at another line of computer or ebook code for at least a few hours, so I thought I'd write up a quick totally-not-related post and call it my current five favorite things I've been thinking about recently.

Humdinger of a title, I know. Shall we?

I'm in need of a new pair of workout shoes. I've been eyeing these Asics from Zappos but haven't pulled the trigger yet.

Asics Gel-Fit Sana, $70

Yes, they're gorgeous, and yes, I do really need a new pair for working out, but the price tag just deters me. I loved the last pair of Asics I bought (the ones I use every day), but I bought running shoes and then decided to do Insanity and P90x3 instead of run sooooo they're not exactly compatible.

So I need some actual cross-training shoes and these fit the bill on that regard, but I'm hesitant to buy online without trying them on. I love the idea of these -- supposedly they're made for wearing without socks?? Which kind of freaks me out, but I'm intrigued by the idea.

Riveting shoe saga, I know.

David and I have been binge-watching Fixer Upper on Netflix.
There's only one season on Netflix and we are going to run out much too quickly...and be very very sad about it when it happens.

So of course I googled "farmhouses for sale in Lancaster county" on a break this afternoon, and what popped up but this beauty, only 20 minutes outside of Lincoln??

This beauty!!!

At so far out of our budget (if we were to move at all, which we aren't for a long time) this house has a pretty big plot of land at 30 acres and is just close enough to a town that it would be awesome for someone as addicted dependent on Target as I am.

Buuuut that's way far from now, so I should really stop googling things.

I'm always on the lookout for fun baby products, and I've been dying over this Copper Pearl multi-use cover for weeks now.

It's really a genius idea, because by the time I felt comfortable nursing Kate in public, she was sooooo squirmy and so not into the idea of a cover flapping by her face that I just never did it for fear of an embarrassing situation. But this is stretchy and goes all the way around you and also super cute! I will definitely be asking for one when/if baby #2 happens.

(Also they can be used to cover car seats, inside shopping carts, over strollers...genius product.)


I thought this post about flying super duper cheap from the U.S. to Europe was fascinating. I've yet to look and see if its claims are really true (crossing my fingers they are!) but it's worth looking into.

As a new pet owner, I've been, shall we say, adjusting to the smell of having a puppy around all the time. We live in a small house, and our primary living areas are just 3 smallish rooms that, especially in the winter, don't get a lot of air flow.

Don't get me wrong, Murph is great -- but I've never lived with a dog before! So I'm constantly using Febreze on our couches, lighting candles, making David give her baths...hahah. Poor Dave. :)

I thought this post about using baking soda to naturally freshen up cushions and couches (as well as tons of other uses) was great!


Well, that's all I've got for now. Linking up with Ashley at Big White Farmhouse for five favorites. Head there for more faves!

Kate's favorite books

23 February 2016

23 February 2016
Every morning after David leaves for work, our routine goes something like this:

1. I hop in the shower, praying the entire time that I don't come out to a tornadic disaster in the form of some mischief Kate and Murph got up to when I was in there.
2. I get dressed, try to kid/puppy proof our bedroom (where my desk is), and then make myself breakfast.
3. I take my breakfast to my desk, wherein Kate immediately runs after me, knowing that I'm a sucker and I'll give her "uh bah?" (a bite) if she begs.
4. I finish breakfast, and Kate deluges me with requests to read "buk?" after book after book while I attempt to also check/read/reply to emails, work on projects, etc. etc.

She has an uncanny affection for a few of her books right now so I thought I'd jot them down for posterity's sake - and for anyone looking for toddler-approved books!

If you click through the links to these books and make a purchase, I get a tiny percentage back at no cost to you. Thanks for supporting my writing/book reading habit!

I'll Always Love You by Paeony Lewis

This is a super sweet book about a bear and his mama. It's simple and not too long but something about it Kate loves! She got it as a (late) Valentine's Day present and has read it hundreds of times since then.

Are You My Mother? by P. D. Eastman

A classic for a reason. We got the board book version at Target for $3.50 and the hours of endless repetition for such a tiny book have made that $3.50 totally worth it!! She loooves it and I don't get bored too easily with it so win-win-win.

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss

I'm endlessly surprised at how often Kate wants to read this book, seeing as the majority of the appeal seems like it should come from the rhyming and funny words, and she'll just sit and leaf through it with no one reading it to her. Obviously the illustrations aren't half bad but she definitely likes this one a lot!

Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

I have lots of memories reading this book as a little kid, so it warms my heart like the sappy mom that I am to have Kate love it so much. So the book makes no sense. Big deal. It's cute and the mama & baby bunny reading together in the chair are adorable.

Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown

I'm assuming you knew these were a set? I didn't til I had read them back to back and I was like...oh man! this makes so much sense! Anyway. Kate loves finding the baby bunny in the illustrations and sometimes gets him on the first try. Sometimes.

Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle

We got this as a baby shower gift and have loved it to pieces from the very beginning. Kate loves this and the sequels (Little Blue Truck Leads the Way and Little Blue Truck's Christmas) so much that sometimes they're the only thing keeping her quiet at Mass. Totally adorable and not altogether annoying.

Nothing "new" on that list to any mom of a toddler but worth mentioning for my sake and for anyone who's looking to bulk up their kiddo book library. They're all adorable and totally worth the buy!

What books should I be adding to our library? Not that she doesn't have enough already but her second birthday is coming up... ;)

February blahs

17 February 2016

17 February 2016
Everyone agrees - February is the literal worst.

I like to pretend every year at its beginning that it's a short month so I'll just breeze right through it this year, no problem, get at me you darn month.

And then Valentine's is over and there's still 2 more weeks to go and I'm begging the weather to turn nice and the days to fly by and spring to get here, because I just can't take any more of it.

Sure, there are reasons to like this secluded-ness: the coziness of Kate snuggling me after a long nap inside is much more likeable when it's cold and blustery outside. I can make pot after pot of soup in the crockpot and it feels seasonally appropriate. Kate can take long warm baths and enjoy being a little cheeky (double entendre) at the same time.

I had wayyyy too much fun taking that picture the other night.

Luckily I've been getting out of the house pretty often, working on a freelance project at Starbucks while David works from home (yay for freedom of making your own schedules!) because it's something I'm having a hard time doing while watching Kate and Murph. It's been heavenly to have some adult conversation every so often even if it's only with the barista at Starbucks.

Speaking of pick-me-ups, did you see the Chris Martin appearance on Carpool Karaoke? Which has quickly become my favorite thing to watch as a pick-me-up? Perfection in a Youtube video. Kate also thinks it's hilarious so we spend some quality time together laughing at the antics James Corden gets to in his car with celebrities. (Shout out to Doctor Who, where I first saw James...which is sadly not on Netflix anymore. Boooooo Netflix!)

Well, not much else to report around here. The temps for this week are looking up (55° today, warmer this weekend!) so I plan to spend lots of time outside getting my Vitamin D and trying to warm up this pale winter skin o' mine.

7QT #48: love, blankets, & a princess

12 February 2016

12 February 2016
Today marks the 5 year anniversary of when David asked me to be his girlfriend.
Can you believe it?? Okay, I'm the only one who will answer "no!!!" to that question but holy cow, 5 years feels like a very very long time.

Back then we were young and naive and completely obsessed with each other. Now we're old and a tiny bit wiser and well, still pretty obsessed with each other but in a different way. :)

David, thanks for being my best blog reader and supporting me in everything I do. I love you!

Onto less gushy stuff.
I need a haircut, guys. And a change.

This is the current state of my hair. A tiny bit of ombre is still hanging on, and it's pretty unruly altogether. I'm in need of something new! With spring on the horizon and the fact that I've had the same haircut for forever, I'm thinking something like this is next:

What say you? Think I can pull it off?

I thought this article from Verily about the perils of dating being similar whether you're on the Bachelor or in real life was fascinating. It kind of goes hand-in-hand with Modern Romance, Aziz Ansari's book I'm reading at the moment. Neither of which are applicable to my married mom life but still, fascinating as heck.

Really, anything about the Bachelor I read with a fervor.

My friend Mary actually informed me that if you Google "watching the Bachelor catholic", the first result you come across is my old shared blog with Caitlin, Two Catholic Girls. Glad that's the takeaway Google has gotten from the many years we wrote there. :)


Kate's spent most of this week walking around in her princess shoes and crown, saying "pin ess! pin ess!" and being absolutely freaking adorable. I can't get enough of it. It's especially helpful for working from home, because she clunks so loudly with her feet that I can pinpoint exactly where she is in our (very small) house by the sound of her footsteps.

This is the reality of what is happening most of this week. Kate getting run over/licked to death/chewed on by Murphy, and Murphy not even noticing Kate's upset by it.

Did you hear that the Harry Potter play will be released in a script format for those millions of us that won't be able to go to the like, 4 shows of the play in London over one weekend? Whew.

Not surprising because hello, J.K., you'd have a riot on your hands if you didn't release it somehow, but I'm still a little surprised they won't convert it to novel format. A script is certainly different from a novel, and she's probably busy, but it'll be hard to transition to reading a script compared to the awesomeness that is her novels.

Needless to say -- I'm still excited! #nerdalert

Kate's slowly forming more and more of a vocabulary, prompted mostly by us but sometimes she surprises us and comes out with a new word we've not insisted she try to say.

This week was "blanket" and it's just as adorable as you can POSSIBLY imagine. I keep asking her to go find her blanket just so I can hear her say, "Ban ket?" over and over and over again. I'll try to catch a video of her saying it to post on here for posterity's sake -- she's napping at the moment (praised be Jesus).

If you could say a prayer for a special intention today, I would greatly appreciate it!
Otherwise that's all I've got for this week. Head to Kelly's for more takes!

The Ash Wednesday post

10 February 2016

10 February 2016
that you know's coming from all of your favorite Catholic bloggers.

What is it about Ash Wednesday that makes it one of everyone's favorite remembrances, even though it is totally not supposed to be joyful but definitely is still awesome? I think for me it's the start of a challenge - and I love challenges.

I've been rewatching too much How I Met Your Mother. I can't get this phrase out of my head.

But seriously - I think I like Ash Wednesday so much because it's the start of a new season, a new dedication in my relationship with God, a new chance to try something different and shake up my daily routines. I love New Year's for the same reason but Lent has the added benefit of being kind of exclusive and also spiritual so how could it be wrong?


This year I'm giving up pop and sweets (because I have been relying on both of those too much to get through toddler craziness lately, instead of just calming down and dealing with things like an adult), and snacking after dinner. (Guys, my popcorn after dinner while watching TV obsession has grown out of control.) I'm also reading The Way by Josemaria Escriva every night before bed (hopefully taking my time so I don't finish it too soon!)

In other news, my favorite holiday is right around the corner! GALENTINE'S DAY.

I had way too much fun crafting this year and shirked some of my other responsibilities (laundry, ahem) for far too long to get them done. WORTH. IT.

That's all for now - hope you have a blessed Ash Wednesday, everyone!

7QT #47: alphabet letters, puppy craziness, and Serial

05 February 2016

05 February 2016
Another week...another set of quick takes. No one is surprised!

With a toddler and a seriously crazy puppy, I haven't had much time to blog - or keep up with much of anything besides surviving - this week. Getting a puppy has seemed to wreak any havoc on any sort of schedule/routine we had going on with just Kate and myself, especially when it comes to having specific times to work and interact with Kate and balance the two.


Luckily my work week hasn't been terribly demanding (knock on wood!) and Kate's been pretty good about the whole having-a-puppy-constantly-want-to-bite-her, so that helps a ton. We're working on the whole, she's a defenseless toddler who can't tell you no, so stop biting her Murph!!!! thing and it's slow progress.

I broke out some alphabet letters for Kate in the tub the other night, which we've had since she was born but I just kind of forgot about/didn't think she was interested in until she was older.

Oh  my gosh, we could not convince her to get out of the tub! It was adorable. David took a time lapse of her playing with them for your enjoyment:

Right now I'm trying (with our seemingly crappy internet for no reason the last couple days? weather-related? I honestly don't know) to listen to the Serial updates for Adnan Syed's case (aka season 1), which is super intriguing because well, I was super obsessed with it when it came out.

If you haven't seen or heard about them, head here and listen to them. Day 3 should be out today, I think? I hope??

Let's be honest, I'll listen to anything Sarah Koenig ever does from here to eternity.

This cutie is clamoring for selfies all the time:

I happily oblige almost all of the time. :)

One of my favorite teeny-tiny bands released their last EP (sad sad sad face) so you should head to soundcloud below and check it out.

Bear Attack - Epoch


Kate really loved playing outside in the snow for the first time this week. We were supposed to get upwards of 12 inches, but it petered out and only dropped a little more than 6 (depending on where in Lincoln you were, technically). And then it was so warm during the day after that the trees were dropping huge sludgeballs all day and the sidewalks got covered again after the snow stopped just from melting off the trees.

Kate (and Murph too) really did have tons of fun outside. After an hour of playing, I couldn't convince her to come inside even though it was past naptime and her cheeks were red from the cold. (Which wasn't all that cold, because melting, but still.) Don't you just want to squeeze her looking at this cute fluffy picture of her??

I hope it snows a lot again soon so I can put her in this outfit again and squeal over the cuteness of it all over again.

This weekend we're going to a Dueling Pianos show with some of David's high school friends, cleaning the house, and watching the Super Bowl somewhere on Sunday. And eating lots of delicious snacks.

Should be a quality February weekend. How about you?

Head to Kelly's for more quick takes!


01 February 2016

01 February 2016

Murphy, the newest addition to our little crazy family!

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you already know this but I couldn't help but share here in blogland too.

Murphy Clara Gokie is a golden retriever, born on 11/27 and given to us by David's parents as a Christmas present. She (named after Interstellar and Doctor Who) is a little bit crazy, a lot bit cute, and we're all pretty much obsessed with her.

Well, most of us anyway - Kate is slowly warming up to the idea that Murph is going to stay around all the time, and is getting more confident being around her. She loves puppies in general but hasn't spent a long period of time around any yet, so it's taking some time for both of them to get used to each other. Kate loves watching her go outside to "go potty" (which sounds like paaahheeee in the mouth of an almost-two-year-old) and thinks the sound of her drinking is hilarious.

More pictures? okay!

Murph spent two weeks with David's family (because she was ready to go home sooner than originally planned) so last night was her first night at our house. She already claimed the corner by the door where we keep our shoes, chewed through the shoelace of my Sorel boots, AND peed twice on the floor, so she's making herself riiiiiight at home. (Kate's only peed on our floor twice, so they're neck in neck. I'll keep you updated once we start potty training Kate for real on the riveting score between the two of them.)

She doesn't shed too much (yet...I know, I know it's coming), she's very soft, and she has that crazy puppy habit of going too fast following somebody and banging her head into the back of their legs instead of going around them like a normal dog. It's adorable and laughably hilarious.

We're hunkering down in anticipation of hopefully a lot of snow in the next 24 hours (and hopefully a snow day?), ready to cuddle and work some more on the not-peeing-on-the-floor thing. Wish us luck. :)

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