Chores and joy

30 March 2015

30 March 2015
I've probably mentioned it on the blog before, but David and I have this glorious chore arrangement in our marriage. It's really simple, and cuts down on a lot of vocal procrastination, even if it doesn't cut down on the actual procrastination.

David does the dishes, and I do the laundry.

Simple right? Easy to remember. No worries about certain days of the week, or thoughts about perhaps you forgot to do something you meant to. It works out extremely well because we're both very passionately caught onto our own chores. (Or maybe that's just me. Have to wait til David starts a blog to find out his opinion, I guess.)

I like doing laundry - the folding in neat piles, the feeling of warm clothes fresh out of the dryer, the quiet hum of the machines (or loud clunking, depending on what you're washing), the fact that the time between loads almost forces you to procrastinate.

I hadn't done my share of laundry in awhile, so this weekend I did 7 or 8 loads in a row. I caught myself waiting for a load to finish downstairs, and snapped this quick picture of our clothes all hanging up in a line.

Tangent: I'm hoping to convince David to give me a clothesline outside instead of our basement one this summer, but he insists it will hamper sports in our backyard. I imagine myself like the pioneer women of old, clothes snapping in the wind, some days hurrying to get them off the line before a thunderstorm rolls in, or early summer mornings with Kate beside me in the grass, dew on our feet. He doesn't get the romance of it at all.

 As I pondered the nice look of our clothes all together there, different colors, fancy shirts for David to work in, a dress I wore to a wedding last week, my new favorite shirt, the various piles of laundry still to be washed on the floor, and I took a breath. I looked at these simple things and thought to myself, "how lucky am I that this is my life?"

Simply being able to own a washer and dryer (new! brand new!) in our house, having the convenience and the money to wash as much and as often as we need, the leisure to do it in my own time, the space to spread it all out in, and that I get such simple pleasure out of it filled my heart with gratitude.

If I were the one doing dishes, I can guarantee you my thoughts would not be so charitable. I cringe just thinking about it.

Even though it's never-ending, and sometimes monotonous, I really am thankful for the chance to do laundry.

Hope you're having a great start to your Holy Week. I know I am.

Tips for learning independently

28 March 2015

28 March 2015
Here's a topic I don't talk about much on the blog, or really ever: how passionate I really am about continuing education throughout your lifetime.

No, I don't mean the cheesy "continuing education" community college ads (although, hey, if that's the way you wanna go, more power to you!). I mean how I think living life as a human on Earth is infinitely more interesting and engaging and just plain better if you learn throughout your life.

When I was in school, the eons ago of almost 2 whole years ago (!), I didn't realize what I had until it was gone. I knew I loved school - well, the parts where I was actually learning things, anyway. (Not so much the homework load or the group projects.) I loved the group dynamics, bouncing ideas off of fellow classmates, the endless hours of reading, the fact that I felt so much more engaged with the world when I knew I was learning. 

And boy, did I love the structure of it. As I reflect on it now, I am forever grateful to the hours and hours my teachers throughout the years spent cultivating and collecting information to hand over to me to devour and learn from. That's tough stuff, really.

But now that I've graduated, and moved on from the school-portion of my life to the adult-portion of my life, it's taken me awhile to realize that:
1. I love learning more than I thought
2. It's really difficult to learn independently if you don't know where to start.

So, I thought I'd share some of the ways I try to keep learning, even though I'm not in school anymore, and probably never will be again. (Sad face!)

1. Read
I really can't stress this enough: the easiest way to keep learning independently is by reading. And if I'm being honest? It doesn't really matter much what it is. I have been reading as long as I can remember, and I qualify every single word that passes into my brain via writing as "learning." 

Some examples of this can be: scrolling through your Facebook; reading novels, blogs, news articles; researching random discussion topics on Wikipedia; perusing instruction manuals to figure out how to build something; flipping through magazines at the doctor's office; reading (and then writing!) texts to your spouse/best friend/little brother.

Any way that words travel into your brain helps you grow and makes you learn - even if you think the "content" isn't that important. It's helping you engage with the world outside you, so that's at the very least learning, isn't it?

2. Find your favorite way to learn
As you can probably guess, reading is my favorite way to learn. I've not always been that great at going out and doing the things I read about, but I'm a big proponent of living vicariously through the reading of a good old-fashioned novel.

But that is definitely not everyone's cup of tea (even though cups of tea go great with reading...I digress). Some would rather search on Pinterest for a new home-improvement project and tackle it right then and there. Others would rather take a class on a new hobby, join a fitness group or sport they've never done before, or even just make a new friend and learn about them. Whatever your favorite way to learn is, figure it out and focus your energies there. Don't worry that most conventional "schooling" revolves around absorbing information and then being able to spit it back out. The world is so much bigger than that! Learn the way that engages YOU, and forget about those other ways. You'll be much more inclined to keep going!

3. Cheap it up
So, David and I are pretty notorious cheapskates. If there are ways we can save a penny here or there, we are going to research the heck out of them. (I fancy myself a bit of a deal-finding Maven, if you know what I mean...The Tipping Point, anyone?) I've been known to search for hours for coupon codes online, poll friends about the best way to buy such-and-such, or compare prices across stores before making purchases.

If you're passionate about learning, but in a way that isn't always the most inexpensive, research ways you can lessen your costs! Since I love reading, but I don't have the budget to buy every new book on the market, I spend a lot of time at our local library and rent books through our library's ebook program (free to anyone who has a library card). It has saved me SO much money over the years! And yeah, I might have to wait a little longer to read the new hit, but books go to library faster than you'd think - you just have to keep your eyes peeled and take advantage of the "hold" function.

If you like joining teams for different sports, gather your friends for an impromptu game every other week instead of joining a league, if it's out of your budget. If you like building things or fixing up furniture, scour Craigslist (especially the free section!) for your next fixer-upper. If you're a newspaper guy or gal, read online instead of subscribing via paper. If you love learning about new restaurants or cuisines, head to the neighborhood food joints instead of the popular downtown ones - and look on Facebook or online for nights where they have specials! There are tons of ways to save money, no matter what you're interested in.

4. Don't give up
Maybe you've plateaued in your new skill - you're decent at it, and you find yourself getting tired of doing it. Maybe you've read all the books on your list for the year, and you can't find a new one to interest you. Maybe you've met a ton of people in searching for new friends and you're just maxed out on going to social events for awhile.

Don't give up! Just because your favorite way to learn is wearing a little thing right now doesn't mean it isn't worth revisiting...perhaps after a break. Step out of your comfort zone - read a book if you're an activity guy, or get outside if you're a bookworm like me. Or even just take a complete break if you like! That's one of the many benefits of learning outside the school setting - you can stop and start as much as you like, and no one will fail you if you do.


As you might be able to gather from this post, I'm a huge proponent of learning independently. Heck, I hope to continue to be for the rest of my life, God-willing! Let me know in the comments - what's the best way you've found to learn independently?

7QT #32: getting old, hipster music, and movies

27 March 2015

27 March 2015
Whew, it's been awhile since I did a 7QT post, hasn't it? Posting late means I won't get those coveted top spots in the linkup, but oh well...

I realized in the last couple weeks that I'm no longer a college-aged woman, and that kind of made me sad. Took me long enough, right?
I'm working on my first (yay!) freelance writing project, so in order to get some mental space and hopefully concentration, I went to a coffeeshop a few times in the last few weeks at 8:00 p.m., after Kate's bedtime, aaaaand promptly forgot to order decaf with my caramel latte/tea(s).

I spent two or three very restless nights wondering why I just. couldn't. sleep and then I was like, oh yeah, I downed 16 oz of caffeine right before bed, that might have had SOMETHING to do with it....guess I'm officially "old" now, huh? So that was a little depressing.

Note to self: you are no longer 20 years old. At the ripe old age of 23, you must stop drinking caffeine after 8 p.m. Get it together, Hannah.

Besides my writing project, life has been a wee bit crazy around here recently. David worked late every night this week (yucky), and I went to Red Cloud (Nebraska) to help my aunt and uncle clean up a house they're selling (if you're interested in looking at houses, it's right here.)
unrelated cute picture! yay!
Tonight we're headed to a Husker baseball game with David's family, and we're having dinner with friends tomorrow night. I'm hoping next week will be a little less insane!

Has anyone else heard of or listened to Gregory Alan Isakov? He's my current jam on Spotify, partly because he's coming to Lincoln next month and I was reminded of how much I love his music. I really really want to go see him live. My sister saw him in Omaha last year sometime and said he was amazzzzzing, and it's been too long since I've been to a concert.

Tickets are also only $20, so that's a huge plus. Originally David and I were going to hit up one of our favorite country artists, Jon Pardi, at the country bar in town - but by the time I got around to buying tickets, they were sold out. (Small venue so understandable but come on!)

I've seen only a few "real" concerts in my life - The Decemberists being the all-time best live show I've ever seen when I was in college - with Caitlin, obviously, and another friend Kfen. (if you ever get the chance, SEE THEM!)

Small disclaimer: I have pretty hipster taste in music. So I don't take any responsibility if you click on those links and hate their music.

Kate turns a year old in just two short months (ACK where did time go??) so I'm hard-and-fast starting to plan her birthday bash. Some things I've been inspired by on Pinterest lately:

We have SO many mason jars left over from the wedding (via)
Nacho Party (via)
Perhaps on our garage wall? (via)
I'm looking forward to getting a little more into the details, although we don't have a date picked out yet! I'm thinking it'll probably be our immediate families and some friends, and maybe not much more than that.

David, when I suggested that we needed a first birthday party for Kate, looked at me like I was crazy. So that was funny. Anyone else have husbands react like that?

Here's another cute pic of Kate I haven't had the chance (ahem, excuse) to post on the blog yet:

What's your favorite at-home lunch meal? I have this bad habit. I start eating something for lunch, and then I eat that same thing for lunch for a month or two in a row. And then I'm totally sick of it and have no other ideas or things to eat in the house because I've been stuck on that same thing.

The last couple months I've been on a steady diet of turkey/ham/chicken wrap + cheese and fruit for lunch. And now I'm pretty tired of it (besides the fact that it doesn't work for lunch on Fridays). I've experimented before with salads, or microwave meals when they're on sale...but I'm looking for something besides those.

I'm not big on spending time actually MAKING something for lunch, so the easier the better. Hit me up.

I want to rent Into the Woods this week, because I want to see if it's anything like the Broadway version. I didn't see it in theaters but the trailer really confused me because the Broadway original version is HILARIOUS. Like, laugh-out-loud making fun of fairytales hilarious. And the previews for this new one seem like...well, serious and depressing! So I want to rent it and see which is right.

I also want to go see Cinderella in theaters, but I'm having a hard time convincing David that it's worth it. What else have you seen movie-wise lately? We're in a bit of a rut, and I'd love a recommendation.

Have a fantabulous weekend! linking up with Kelly!

Mom-ish online shopping

26 March 2015

26 March 2015
Okay, it seems like my blog has taken a turn towards the shopping side of life recently, but I couldn't resist doing another "fashion" post today.

But this one isn't for me - it's for Kate, so I feel a little less bad about it. It's been since Christmas since I put together a "wishlist" for her, mostly because I've been trying to avoid browsing my favorite websites for cute stuff for her to save money.

But I just filled my cart up on Old Navy with 15 different things for Babycakes (okay, there are a few things in there for me, but just a few) and I thought "I just have to share these" because there are some stellar deals going on right now.

Oh, and I also bought her two headbands (Etsy) and two pairs of shoes (Zulily) in the last, like, 48 hours. Oops.

Anyway, I didn't actually click "purchase" yet on my OldNavy cart but rest assured, a few of these are definitely going to be purchased. And probably going into her Easter basket.

Hey, it's not my fault she grows out of clothing so quickly! Right? right?

left ($9.10)
middle ($8.00)
right ($7.70)

I love love love the striped dress here, because who doesn't love stripes on a cute little girl? Plus, it has a fake pocket. Yum. The middle one is super practical for summer because it's jersey material and not too expensive, so she can wear it all the time and I won't be upset if it gets ruined. The one on the right is on backorder right now, understandably so because hello, so cute!

left ($7.70)
middle ($10.50)
right ($11.00)

Rompers are just freaking so cute on little kids. If I were younger, I might have to buy or make myself my own romper -- heck, I was eyeing this one for myself, I'll be honest with y'all. I love all these floral prints in general so these were obvious picks!

Headband via PoshPeanutKids on Etsy ($4.95)
Headband via Princessory on Etsy ($3.99)
SKYE slip on via Zulily ($5.99)
Petalia Sandal via Zulily ($8.99)

Kate's quickly outgrown all of her headbands minus my favorite leopard print one, so I grabbed some more on Etsy quick this week. (I got the gold+black striped one and the blue+white striped one.) I'm also dreaming of when she starts walking! outside! and needs shoes, so I snapped these two pairs up on Zulily today (not many sizes left, so grab them quickly if you want 'em!).

I also may have grabbed this dress for myself at Old Navy (a steal at $15.00!!). And I told myself I have to try on the chambray romper in a store before I allow myself to purchase it. (Is 23 too old for a romper? probably.)

UPDATE: I couldn't get the Old Navy shopping cart to load for a day, so I waited...and the 30% off most things turned into 35%! So sometimes it pays to have crappy internet/a faulty checkout. Saved me $5! (To fix it, I went to Gap's website and then just clicked "checkout" there after trying it like 20 times on the Old Navy one. Worked like a charm!)


Also, in case I haven't mentioned it here for awhile, my beautiful friend Caitlin and I are the two authors of another blog, Two Catholic Girls. If at times this seems like 1000% a mommy blog, with a heavy emphasis on shopping addiction, it's because I tend to focus my more serious writing over least, when Caitlin reminds me to post there, anyway. I just posted the other day about how Lent kind of sucks, and Caitlin wrote a great one recently about how St. Joseph got her a husband. If you're looking for another blog to add to your reader, check us out! We'd greatly appreciate it. //end of self-promotional rant//

How's your Thursday?

A home improvement project + crowdsourcing

23 March 2015

23 March 2015
First things first: home improvement.
It's been awhile since David and I tackled a home improvement project. We've been crazy busy and also off-and-on under the weather for what seems like the entirety of 2015 so far, so projects are the first thing to go. Although if I think about it, it's been even longer than that since we started and completed a full project, I think.

Anyway. We went to Menards (our home away from home) last month, and got a deal on a brand new microwave, and now we finally got around to installing it! Yay!

we so fancy!

Things to note about this project:
1. Our previous microwave was the one David's older brother took to college with him, circa 2006 I believe.
2. The old microwave had stopped turning, therefore you had to move the food inside halfway through cooking otherwise you'd end up with half burnt, half frozen food every single time.
3. Even if the rest of your appliances are white, you still have to buy a stainless steel microwave if the deal is a $100 rebate. Yes, you really do.
4. If your kitchen is appliqued with faux half bricks that were mortared into the wall and then painted, you will not have fun taking them OFF the wall to get to the plaster/lathe wall behind it. Trust me on this one. But it will be fun to discover all the many varied colors beneath those bricks, including bright red and a mint green among them.
5. Sometimes, it's actually important to read the directions and follow them exactly, so your darn microwave will be able to fit on the wall you spent so long prepping & drilling into. (That one falls on me...ooops.)
6. Plugging in your microwave might come as an afterthought - as in, we've got the thing installed and let's just casually run this line down outside the microwave to the plug that's over the counter like 3 feet away because our kitchen was built in 1930 and didn't have a plug in the counter above it...
7. It's really a satisfying feeling to take off that protective blue plastic stuff off your microwave and see new shiny stainless steel underneath.
8. Popcorn out of your new microwave is YUMMY. And isn't half burnt or totally undercooked! 
Totally worth the time we spent installing it, even if it was half a day longer than we planned.

Next item of business: shoes.
So, my beautiful and wonderful friend Katherine is getting married in like, 47 days. I'm super duper excited for her wedding, which has been a long time coming, and is now finally right around the corner!

Buuuut I realized the other day that I do not have shoes yet to wear to her wedding. She suggested grey/gray heels or wedges, perhaps with a sandal bend, to go with her purpley-lavender bridesmaid dresses. I love wedges, and I always need more shoes (who doesn't?) but I'm having a hard time deciding or finding something I like this time around.

So far these are some of the ones I've liked:

top left
top right
bottom left
bottom right
Top left are probably too gold colored and too pricey ($90, free shipping), top right are too casual and not even all the way gray ($40, free shipping), bottom left are Madewell so they are too pricey but super cute ($108), and bottom right are probably too casual and not all the way gray ($90, free shipping).

I'm obviously into that wide strap fad thing. I found the perfect pair that I would buy if I were a billionaire - Neiman Marcus for only $1,725.00!! What a steal, right?

I also found these ($30, way more my price range) on Amazon, but I'm wary of buying shoes on Amazon because I never have? And it seems strange? But they are probably too casual too. URGH. #firstworldproblems

So my question to you is: worth it to spend a little extra for something I'll wear again? Or should I just find something cheap and deal with it? What are your thoughts on the ones above? How casual is too casual for a summer wedding? Where do you shop for shoes? I've tried everything I can think of...Amazon, ShopStyle, Macy's, Famous Footwear, Target, Madewell, Pinterest, Payless, etc.!

Welp, Kate is crying to get up from her nap, so I'll bid y'all adieu. But seriously...I'd love your help if you can!!

Spring feee-vah & busyness

16 March 2015

16 March 2015
We had a pretty gr8t, if busy, weekend.

David read for a wedding of one of his good friends, I got a lot of knitting done driving to-and-from Omaha, we went to his great-great-aunt's 100th birthday party, saw a lot of college friends, tried to prevent Kate from eating everything in sight that was totally unsanitary, and we all spent a lot of time appreciating the warmth and the sun and the spring-ness.

I even curled my hair (well, straightened then curled...oh ye of thick and curly hair will understand)! My phone died soon after so I didn't get a lot of photos. Also I forgot my camera. #oops

The bride and groom of the wedding were pretty big...umm, nerds? I think they'd be pretty okay with that label, because it was adorably evident in every part of their wedding, including the centerpieces. The groom designed and then built these Lego+plastic towers that were on every table, and then each table was told to take them apart and build something else.

We were there until the very end of the night, and this is what I made, on the inspirational prompting of "Barney" from David:

It was a rather limited color selection but hey, not bad, right?

Also, the couple picked Pi Day (3.14.15) on purpose because, nerds, served pies for dessert, and had pizza delivered at 9:26:53 (3.141592653)...yep. They were awesome.

This week will be another crazy one for us - we're headed to Denver on Wednesday to celebrate the Perpetual Promises of one of David's brother Michael's fellow Sodalits. Hopefully we'll do a little mountain-seeing and not miss too much of the glorious weather here (88° here right now, that is not a joke!). Although I'm sure the temps there will be great too.

Then this weekend is my sister's high school production of Once Upon a Mattress, and some friends coming in from Des Moines.
And there are probably like 10 other things I'm forgetting to mention because that's how scattered my brain/calendar is right now.

What is it in the spring air that makes everything happen all at once? I suppose that's the trade-off - nice weather for absolutely no free time. I'll take it any day.

I don't want to forget this.

11 March 2015

11 March 2015

The way she clings to my shoulders when I pick her up.
The sadness in her eyes when I walk away, even if just for a moment.
The curls around her ears, especially fresh out of a bath and smelling like heaven.
Her satisfied smirk after nursing in the mornings.
The curl of her toes when she's concentrating on picking something up.
Her excitement at my opening the door on her nursery, post-nap.
How big her eyes can get, full of tears.
The serious looks she can get while babbling with a book in her lap.
Her quizzical eyebrows and concerted frown when she's confused.
Her silly little giggle, mostly when she's being tickled.
The numerous times every morning that she wiggles and kicks me in the face to nose-dive off the bed.
Her amazement at cars driving past the front door.
The contented stream of words she has when we take a walk in the nice weather.
Her ability to pick up the only (I swear, only) piece of fuzz left on the floor and quickly shove it in her mouth.
The way her feet inevitably fly up in the air when she laughs her belly-laugh.
How she can't help but want to turn onto her tummy mid-diaper change (no matter how annoying it is).
The wrinkles on her belly from growing so darn fast.
The delight she finds in her bathtub friends, Sir Lancelot and Lieutenant Dan - both rubber ducks.

No matter how frustrating, or seemingly mundane, or tiring this whole motherhood gig can be at times, I don't want to forget a single moment of it.

9 months

05 March 2015

05 March 2015
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Kateri Amelia is 9 months old! She's officially been out in the world longer than she was inside me (as of like, 2 days ago, since February is whack with no 30th day). Even typing that sentence seems crazy to me.

Let's talk deets.

Weight: 18.2 lbs, according to our wildly inaccurate home scale. We have a checkup next week, which will give me a probably more accurate number, but for now I'm sticking to it and hoping she's maybe a little heavier than that?

Height: Little girl is too squirmy to measure without assistance from another adult, so I'm guessing here - about 32"? Wow, how useful are these completely inaccurate stats, future Hannah?

Firsts this month: C-R-A-W-L-I-N-G. Big time. There is no obstacle too big, or piece of trash too small to escape her. She's much happier now that she can move places, and it's endlessly entertaining. Especially when she specifically crawls to her bookshelf of books to pull them off and "read" them.

Squishy Tushy - I don't know if I've mentioned that one here on the blog but it is in high frequency around here, especially right before bath time. Baby buns are just the best.

Other things to note:
-Praise God for crawling babies. Although she's not too pleased when she gets stuck under something, a crawling Kate who can go get the toy she just threw away from herself is MUCH more pleasant than an immobile Kate who whines until you retrieve said toy for her for the 1000th time. 'Nuff said.
-She can also stand unassisted for about half a second before she tumbles. She's working her way towards pulling herself up on things, but hasn't hit success yet.
-The weather has been terrible lately, but I'm starting to look forward to springtime when we can actually take her outside and she can enjoy it. (I just jinxed myself, didn't I?)
-She's not an expert at sippy cup drinking yet. She loves to chew on the tip, and I think can suck a little bit if she really tries, but it's not a viable source of drinking yet. Experienced mamas of those who never took a bottle: got any tips for me? Or special sippy cups she would like? I'm doing internet research as best I can but so far not much luck.
-She loves her doorway jumper. I need to get a picture of her in it one of these days, but she will bounce and bounce and bounce in it until the cows come home. It's really adorable and tires her out very solidly, which is always good for guaranteed nap times.
-No teeth. She's drooling more and more, but nothing has popped through those gums yet. I can tell on days when the pain's greater than others, but all that work seems to have been in vain for now.
-I didn't do a great job of taking pictures of her this month, but I'm going to try again during March to get more photos of her. Wish me luck!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
too big for that tiny baby bath! we have to get our tub fixed...

We love you, Babycakes!!

When I grow up...

03 March 2015

03 March 2015
When I was little, I wanted to be either a librarian or an astronaut when I grew up. Or maybe an astronaut who started the first library in space. (I was ambitious, okay?)

I loved to read: bam, librarian. I treasured my trips to the library where I could pick any book and take it home with me! I was one of those kids that when it came time for bedtime, my mom and dad would have to tell me to put the book away and go to sleep. I became pretty sneaky about hiding under the covers with a flashlight and listening to make sure I wasn't caught. Yes, I was a huge nerd but I enjoyed it, so that makes it un-nerdy, right?

I've also long held a fascination with space - only amplified by my serious obsession with Doctor Who and other sci-fi works - but it started a long time ago. For awhile at my parents' house I lived in a room that overlooked a part of our roof, so you could remove the screen, sit on the roof, and stargaze. I loved doing that on warm summer nights - there was something extra magical about seeing just a tiny sliver of the sky, from right outside my bedroom window.

And look at me today: I am neither astronaut nor librarian. I'm a freelance e-book coder that works for a small university publishing house, and I stay at home with my beautiful daughter.

Sure, I still love to read, and I try to maintain my own "library" of books, mostly preowned and well-read from my English degree in college. I treasure the chances I get to browse our local library, still reveling in the fact that I can pick up books and read them for free! With just a simple card! And sometimes I can even do it from the ease of my Kindle. (Definitely couldn't have imagined that when I was growing up.)

And I still love space - just ask David, I can get truly obsessive about it. I follow NASA blogs, and watch Doctor Who religiously, and try to keep up with the latest discoveries as best I can (for someone who doesn't really understand a lot of science). Stargazing has and always will be one of the most fun things to do on a summer night. And yes, I may or may not already be planning to visit the moon whenever personal space travel becomes a reality. (I'm banking on during my lifetime - don't disappoint me, world.)

Perhaps it's not quite what I had imagined when I dreamt of my future back those many years ago. But I honestly wouldn't trade what I've got right now for that fairytale vision, no matter how much it might have appealed to me back then.

Life is changing, and fluid, and truly unpredictable. Perhaps I'll end up a space librarian. Who knows? But right now I'm thankful for where I am and what - and perhaps more importantly, who, I've got.

Things I love (and you should too)

02 March 2015

02 March 2015
This dress from Target, which is completely nursing friendly AND looks like it's made in the year 2015, and it's fantastic. I have a hard time finding dresses to nurse in at weddings, especially ones that aren't all shirt dresses (I like shirt dresses, I just can only own so many) so this takes the cake. I think there are more than one color, too. I'm seriously in love (also, it's way cuter in person, just trust me on that):

This NPR Morning Edition story about my hometown. It's pretty much the best place to live, so if you're looking for a new place to live...Lincoln, NE is your place.
Also, watch this video if you want to see what it's like. It's pretty great.

Bones. The TV show kind, I mean.
Man, I was skeptical at first. Kendra recommended it, and I have never not liked something she does, so I thought I'd give it a try after her latest recommendation of a show with Catholic characters. I'm only in the first season, but I really love it so far.

Jenny's post The Annual Lenten Crash and Burn. I feel this so. darn. hard. Like, I was nodding my head vigorously back and forth whilst reading.

Aaaand perhaps the gloriousness that is going to be the weather this weekend? We're forecast for 64° this Saturday and if that doesn't happen I might just have a meltdown.

What's your favorites recently?

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