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28 April 2014

28 April 2014
This weekend flew by in a rush of wedding celebrations, a formal, and lots of yard work.
First up on Friday night was my cousin Grace's wedding.

It was a glorious Catholic celebration with lots of genuine beauty, a church packed to the rafters, and tons of dancing and drinking (for the non-preggos) afterwards. The reception was outside and it was a perfect, beautiful night.

I was worried about what to wear because it was outside, and because I'm 9 months huge. I ended up buying this maxi from Kohl's which was actually in the junior section and totally not a maternity piece. I just bought it a size up and it worked great. I highly recommend this process if you are pregnant and running out of places to shop for maternity things (the selection in Lincoln is small and expensive).

me and my crazy sisters
Then Saturday I won the shopper of the year award (while David was out golfing with his fraternity brothers) and got 3 pairs of pants (2 jeans and a pair of khakis) and 4 shirts for $60 at the Gap. Yes, you read that right. $60.

including these beauties
Their Spring Sale is going on right now, which means most of their stuff is 60% off, and when I went on Saturday it was an extra 30% off sale items and an extra EXTRA 5% off because I used my Gap card. If you're in love with Gap clothes as much as I am, then go check 'em out. Also I'm definitely not an impressive enough blogger to be getting any sort of compensation for this shoutout, I just really love Gap clothes and thought I should spread the love.

Plus it was immensely freeing to buy non-maternity clothes, even if I bought all the wrong sizes and end up having to return them. I don't even care at this point -- all I wanted was to shop for normal clothes and I got my wish...and a very cheap wish at that!

Then on Sunday, David and I went to town on our yard, because we haven't done anything to it yet this year. Like zip, zero, nada. It was a desperate situation. We bought a new lawn mower (nothing like expensive not-very-exciting purchases to make you feel like an adult) and a bunch of plants for my garden that is yet to be.

Here's a random photo of the front of our house because I didn't take any pics yet. Once the garden's all done I'll post something. For now I'm dreaming of something beautiful like this:

via Wikipedia
I know it's ambitious but I can dream, right? David's not a big proponent of gardens - he claims they're too much work for the stuff you get out of them, but I'm planning on converting him by the end of the summer. I've got strawberries, peppers, tomatoes, and basil all ready to go and plant this evening. I can't wait to show you the results!

7QT #10

25 April 2014

25 April 2014
It feels like it has been a vury vury long time since I have participated in ye olde Friday Quick Takes linkup. Here we go!

1. My poor David had to have an emergency appendectomy on Monday evening. (Are those things ever non-emergent?) He woke up in the middle of the night with real bad stomach pain that wouldn't go away, and after basically laying in bed/on the bathroom floor for 6 hours, we decided it was bad so I took him to el hospital.

proof in the not-fun-pudding
After waiting in the empty waiting room for approximately one forever, they took him back, ran a bunch of tests, gave him los drogas, and finally confirmed (after a CAT scan) that he had appendicitis. Yuck.

By 4:00 that afternoon he was in surgery and by 9:00 he was home (miracles of modern science, I know). He was out of it for awhile but is doing better every day. Thanks to all y'all who prayed for him - we both appreciate it.

2. On a much lighter note, I've been really enjoying playing around with recently. It's like PicMonkey, only different? Really actually very similar but with different sorts of options, and I'm a sucker for trying out stuff like that. Here's something I whipped up quick the other day:

By all means use it if you have a need for one - we don't have a printer at home, let alone a color printer, so for now it's just sitting on my hard drive waiting to be loved by someone.

3. The cloud-based software I use for my job went through a major upheaval/update in the last week, so I'm spending a bunch of time right before my maternity leave trying to learn a new way of doing things, which I will probably forget and have to re-learn once Baby G gets here anyway.

via Dilbert
Can't you tell I'm enjoying it??

4. Grace had her bebe!

Obviously this is not necessarily my own quick take, but let's be honest, we've all been looking forward to meeting the little one for so long that it kinda feels like it.
Plus when I found out I was pregnant, Grace announced hers at practically the same time, so it was always refreshing to hear her count down the weeks. Here's hoping that means Baby G is coming sometime soon!

5. I've become obsessed with these Sseko Sandals after reading an article about them in Verily.

Yeah they're a bit pricey but come pair of sandals that can turn into 50? I am all for that. Plus the money goes to a good cause. As Michael Scott would say, "Win, win, win."

I'm really loving this Knotty Tie version:

Basically to die for. Check out their website for videos of all the ways you can tie them!

6. We are THIS CLOSE to being done with the nursery. All we have left is finishing the doors, installing them, and sprucing up the mirror that came with the dresser we already refinished.

Obviously this is not the finished product but I haven't taken pics of everything yet so all you get is one coat of primer, our garbage can, and a garage still full of construction trash.

7. We had a lovely bout of thunderstorms and rain this week, which means our grass is now all officially green...and in need of a trim that we can't quite give it until we buy a new lawnmower.

Any garden/grass experts out there that want to give us brand recommendations? We are all ears!

Head to Jen's for more fun fun fun.


Another pregnancy post

24 April 2014

24 April 2014
I know, I know. It seems like they'll never end...
But let's be honest, if it's all I think about during the day and night, how am I supposed to blog about anything else? I mean I could try but it would end up being a book review about a totally non-baby book and all I comment on is the 2 pages where a baby is mentioned.

So let's just stick to what I know/pretend to know.

This pregnancy seems to have flown by for the most part, although I've heard from all the wise sources both in real life and on the internet that these last weeks are the slowest by far. It seems like just yesterday we took the pregnancy test and now we're at week 36 (okay, I don't turn 36 weeks til Friday but who's keeping track?) and baby could be here any time!

I started packing my & baby's hospital bag last night and immediately texted a picture to Caitlin.

So far I've got:
+yoga pants and nursing tank and socks
+breastfeeding stuff (pads and lanolin, just in cases)
+my Belly Bandit
+two onesies, one per gender
+an adorable pj set from my sister
+infant summer swaddler
+baby blanket

I still need to make a birth plan (yikes) and print it out, add another pair of shirt/shorts that will actually fit me (most don't right now), include my toiletries, some clothes & snacks for David, and a list of things we'll have to wait and grab right before heading out the door (phone chargers, camera, whatever book I'm reading to hopefully distract myself with).

But I'm feeling more prepped with it sitting by my nightstand. Like some sort of pregnant-woman security blanket.

Because we don't know the gender of the baby, all of the clothes we have are very gender neutral...which is good in a major sense because we can reuse them for babies to come, but also makes me cringe a little at the thought of people not being able to tell what the little one is once it's born. Maybe it's just me but I hate looking at a baby and not being able to tell its gender - especially right after birth when it's still scrawny and sort of weird looking. SO. I'm going to make some sort of baby headband that's overtly girly to bring and thrown on the wee one if it's a girl so there's no question. I'm thinking this one is easy enough to accomplish in the next few weeks?

Only time will tell I suppose.

I'm now at once-a-week appointments, and Baby G is looking great every time - head down, stubbornly wiggling away from the doc's prodding and "palpating my abdomen," kicking like crazy wherever he squirts the ultrasound belly jelly. We spent a good 10 minutes trying to get a good read on the heartbeat this morning because he/she kept moving out of the doc's reach. (I'm thinking he/she's taking after their father on this one, because let's be honest, I was a perfect child in every way.)

almost 36 weeks!
All there is left to do is clean like a maniac and then wait. Pray for me that the waiting aspect doesn't take too long? (David and I have been convinced from the beginning that Baby G was going to be early but I'd like that to be true more than just a prayers appreciated.)

27 Things I Learned Being Pregnant

23 April 2014

23 April 2014
Also known as: things I sort of wish people would have warned me about before this whole thing started.

I love lists, and I love advice from strangers. Enter my list of 27 things I learned while being pregnant with baby #1. Obviously I've learned WAY more than this, but...27 seemed like a good round number? I have no idea. Blame it on pregnancy brain or what have you, but these are some of the most important things I've learned while carrying Baby G.

1. Night sweats are not fun.

2. Neither are hot flashes when it's 10° outside, especially unexpected ones.

3. Pillows are your new best friends when it comes to sleep. Load up on them. Even if they are hard to manipulate and you occasionally curse at them when rolling over for the 800th time each night.

4. Sleep is sometimes elusive and sometimes comatose. Take whatever you can get.

5. Your skin is bound to do some weird things, no matter if it's on your belly or elsewhere. Just get used to it.

6. Swelling is not a myth. Invest in a husband who likes giving foot massages. Or learn to be very, very persuasive.

7. If you were one of those people (like me) who clogged the drain every shower with how much hair you lost each time you showered, get used to not having to do that anymore! Hair really does stick with you during pregnancy.

8. You will have weird cravings. It's better to just accept them, eat them, and move on. Trying to deny yourself just makes it worse, lots of times.

9. Dry and itchy eyes are a pregnancy symptom. Who woulda thunk? If you have contacts, like me, get ready to hate them towards the end.

10. Baby clothes are unbelievably irresistible.

11. When browsing for baby things in public, try your best not to "aww" out loud at every new thing you pick up. Your husband will quickly become embarrassed and try to escape.

12. Baby things are also unbelievably expensive. Save up if you can. Or browse Craigslist/thrift stores/garage sales...but be prepared to spend some time doing so because those things go like hot potatoes.

13. If you're not a cook, being pregnant will not automatically make you one, no matter how hard you wish it would.

14. Putting on socks and shoes is a major chore. Oh, the bending...what I wouldn't give to be able to just bend down like a normal person right now.

15. Squats are supposedly a good labor-starter, or a convincing way to get your baby to be in the right position. And they don't hurt your thighs, either.

16. Speaking of exercises, wall pushups are a thing. (Just imagine trying to regular pushups with a watermelon taped to your chest...yeah it doesn't work so well.)

17. Stairs will make you winded. Try to avoid busy sets of them so you don't embarrass yourself too much.

18. Your baby WILL find your bladder and WILL decide it's the best trampoline this side of the Mississippi.

19. Map out the quickest route to the bathroom in your favorite places: your house, office, relatives' homes, local Target, etc. Avoid places without public restrooms.

20. Get ready for people to touch your belly, even if they're total strangers. If you hate it, speak up. (They'll blame it on the hormones, not you anyway).

21. Try not to read too much on pregnancy (I failed at this). Eventually your brain will become so overloaded that it'll fizz out and die every time you think of Braxton Hicks contractions or pregnancy symptoms or number of hours in labor for the average person.

22. If you have a smart phone, get a preggo person app. (I use the What to Expect app.) They're full of fun stories and helpful tips and a handy countdown thingy right there.

23. You will, at some point, be horrified at the number looking back up at you on the scale. Just get used to the idea ahead of time.

24. Everyone - and I mean EVERYONE - is an expert on parenting, pregnancy, and babies. Get ready to have your ears plugged full of advice every way you turn.

25. Taking walks is a good way to get your exercise in.

26. You will cringe at the photos of you during your last month of pregnancy. Try to look away and avoid the camera if you can.

27. Whenever you get scared or overwhelmed about the idea of actually birthing a baby, remember that every human on this planet is here because some brave woman went through what you're going to go through. You can do it. Our ancestors had to do it with a lot less help, and they mostly survived. You're gonna be fine.

I'm obviously chock full of wisdom, but I know I'm missing some gems...what's your #1 piece of advice for new moms? Add 'em in the comments. :)

Easter 2014

22 April 2014

22 April 2014
Every year I'm amazed at how much I really enjoy Easter, now that I am more into my faith. When I was little, it seemed just like another excuse to get together with extended family, only involving more candy than Thanksgiving and less grilling than Fourth of July.

But now that I'm fully aware of what and the Who we are celebrating, Easter becomes more and more meaningful every year. Yeah, I'm pregnant, but I always choke up at least a few times during Easter Mass no matter when or where I go.

Although I've now reached the huge stage, I'm going to bore you with a short photo recap of our weekend celebrating with the in-laws. Hold onto your seatbelts, ladies and gents.

You'd think I'd get used to his antics by now...nope, apparently not. But I'm posting this one anyway because the others make me cringe when looking at them, but you can still get the idea of how enormous I am in this one.

We went to Easter Vigil Mass, so Sunday was spent golfing and enjoying plenty of good food! Here's me driving a golf cart for the very first time. Hoooooray!

David making a nice long drive on the course. (And yes that's basically the extent of my golf knowledge.)

Of course I didn't take as many photos as I had planned, but in hindsight probably for the best because no one needs to remember just exactly how huge I am when this baby's finally here. I'm hoping it will quickly become a far-distant memory...

To distract you from those thoughts, a nice pic of David doing our favorite activity...taxes! (bonus points if you can tell what he's distracting himself with instead of doing taxes on the computer...)

Happy Easter!

Oh, joyous day!

20 April 2014

20 April 2014

Wishing you and yours a very blessed Easter!
in Him -

It's aaaaalmost Easter

14 April 2014

14 April 2014
Also known as: Holy Week.

I posted about my experience with Holy Week, and some ideas to try to observe it better, over at Two Catholic Girls last week. (I'm pretty sure that means the Easter post is Caitlin's turn...wink wink.)

I love this painting of the Crucifixion by El Greco. I think it makes for a great meditation starting point, especially during Holy Week, so I thought I'd post it here in case you could use it too.

Domenikos Theotokopoulos by El Greco
This year we don't have anything too exciting planned for Easter - heading to David's family's house to celebrate, which I'm sure will include lots of card games and good food, as always, and lots of down time.

I'm also trying to make an extra effort to really observe Holy Week this week (aka the reason for the previously mentioned post) so I won't be blogging/on social media very much for the rest of the week. But you can expect a full Easter recap post next week, including more pics from my fancy camera (if I remember to break it out a couple times) and pics of me in my very-pregnant Easter garb. Should be great.

Have a wonderful Holy Week!

Wedding song dance along

09 April 2014

09 April 2014
Okay, if it was ever in doubt before, Grace is officially the queen of the internetz for suggesting this link-up. First dances are one of the most fun parts of weddings, in my opinion, so I'm so so excited to read everyone else's romancy, sappy, love-filled posts.

What can I say, I'm a pregnancy-hormone-filled-sucker for all that lovey-dovey crap.

David and I had a hard time deciding what we wanted to dance to when we were engaged. We spent a lot of our down time trying to figure out if we had "a song" or what that was even supposed to mean... does that mean a song you both just really like? a song that played during an important moment in your relationship? a song that exemplifies what you want your relationship to be? 

Sometimes we overthink things just a teensy little bit.

We also spent a lot of time looking up songs that other people had used for their first dances to get some ideas going. David's one of those people who can like a song and not know any of the words to it, while I am the opposite - I know tons of words to songs that I hate, for some strange reason. So we made an interesting pair when one of us would come up with a song that was in contention.

David: Hey, I like this one! What do you think?
Me: Nope, that was popular when we were in eighth grade. Vom.


Me: I love the lyrics of this one, what about it?
David: No, I don't like the sound of that. I can't tell what they're saying but I know I don't like it.

We had a couple in mind that weren't quite right - God Gave Me You by Blake Shelton is one that stood out, but then we nixed it for some reason. I think maybe the fact is that it was country? We are both relatively recent country converts and we loved dancing to this during our relationship, but it didn't seem quite right. I also LOVE Andrew Peterson's Dancing in the Minefields but wasn't right for us either - I think David had a specific reason for not liking it but I can't remember now.

We tried a bunch of different songs - danced to them to "practice," listened to them on repeat on car trips, and finally - finallyyyyy - we found "ours"....... 

Wouldn't It Be Nice by the Beach Boys was our first dance song.

We listened to this a lot in the early stages of our relationship, dreaming of what our lives could look like together, so I don't know why it took us so long to finally decide on it. I loved the fact that I hadn't heard anyone else use it for their first dance song, and that it wasn't a "typical" choice. It was a little faster than most first dances, too, but we liked that - it fits our relationship really well, and made David a little less nervous for getting up in front of everyone and dancing. (He's a really cute dancer and gets nervous about stuff like that for no reason. Silly boy.)

The lyrics of our song were so fitting after what seemed like waiting for a long time to get married (not true though in the grand scheme of things, as we'd only been together for 2.5 years when we got hitched). The words were even more touching on our wedding day - it made us think about all the wonderful things we had to look forward to in our lives - together. [end sappy-ness now, Hannah, pleeeease]

So yep, that's the story of our first dance together as husband and wife. Head to the Camp to check out everyone else's cute stories!

Five Favorites: Books You Should Read

I was going to wait to talk about these beauties on Friday, but I just couldn't contain my excitement anymore. As you might be able to tell from the list included, I have very eclectic taste in in, I can jump easily from harrowing mystery to light-hearted beach reads in the blink of an eye. But don't let that deter you from trying some of these out!

1. Nearer Home by Joy Castro

Nearer Home is the second in the new & terrifying series by Joy Castro, a professor of English at my alma mater, UNL (yes she came and talked to my class a few years ago, and she was just as inspiring in person as her books are enticing). The first was Hell and High Water, and both are centered around a reporter, Nola Cespedes, who lives in New Orleans post-Katrina and gets involved investigating crimes and the seedy underbelly of New Orleans. I highly recommend both of them, although there are a few "mature" elements (language & sex) for readers to watch out for if you're sensitive. Castro spins deeply involved tales, and does one of the best jobs I've seen in modern mystery writers of leaving you guessing until the last page.

2. Handle with Care by Jodi Picoult

I will readily admit it - I lap each and every one of Picoult's books the point that I'm pretty sure I finished this one in one afternoon. If you've never tried one of her novels before, and you enjoy family drama mixed with court drama, you will LOVE Picoult's novels. This one is about a little girl who suffers from a very rare bone disease that makes her bones so brittle that by the age of 6 she's had 30+ broken bones. Her mother goes to court to try and win money to support her family, but ruffles a lot of feathers in the process. This one was especially intriguing to me because it tackled a lot of beginning-of-life questions (treated very well, in my opinion). If you like this one, she's got about 30 more written and all of them are just as enticing - of the ones I've read, anyway!

3. Persuasion by Jane Austen

If you're an old Austen fan, or someone trying to start reading her sometimes-intimidating novels, I have to recommend Persuasion as your best bet when it comes to the wonderfulness that is Jane Austen. (Disclaimer: she is my all-time favorite author, and I've read all her novels at least twice each). I tend to recommend Persuasion as the starting point over more popular ones like Pride and Prejudice because I think it's a better story, it's shorter, and it was her crowning work - the last novel she was able to complete before her death. It's about the loveably timid but headstrong Anne Elliot and her decade-long involvement with a dashing sea captain, Frederick Wentworth. If you like the book, you best not forget the best Austen-to--screen adaptation ever done by the BBC in 2007. It's Austen movie gold.

4. Blindness by Jose Saramago

In a complete 360 from Austen, my next recommendation is Portuguese author Jose Saramago's Blindness. It depicts an apocalyptic scenario in which a plague of blindness falls on the world, the cause and spread unknown, leading to eventual ruin of civilized society. Sounds kind of heady in a description but the novel itself is gripping. It's gruesome at times (don't read if you have an easily queasy stomach), horrifying, and frightening - but altogether an amazing work. There's a reason why it won the Nobel Prize for Literature, let's just put it that way. If you ever meant to read it and never had the chance, I urge you to pick it up.

5. Room by Emma Donoghue

I realize now that most of the books on this list are kind of downers, but they're all amazing...and none of them on this list is a better combination of those two descriptors than Room by Emma Donoghue. Room is told from the point of view of Jack, a 5-year old boy who's being held captive with his mother in a small room that Jack believes constitutes the entirety of the world. This story would be convincing and horrible if it were told from anyone's perspective, but seeing it through the eyes of a five year old makes it all the worse - he has a hard time believing that things on TV are real when his Ma tells them they are, because all he has known his whole life has been Room, his best friend. I will admit - I was in tears by the end of the novel, and I think you will be too. (Again, some mature elements but since Jack doesn't really know what they are, it's not too explicit in those areas). I can't wait for Donoghue's next novel because this was her first - how will she ever top this one?

Happy reading, and happy Wednesday linking up with Hallie!


33 weeks pregnancy update

08 April 2014

08 April 2014
My brain's pretty much 100% baby baby baby these days.

I've been doing some extra reading (more about that later this week, maybe?) that's NOT about babies, as an attempt to get my brain off the baby train for a couple hours at a time, but it inevitably returns to all the things we have left to do to get ready for baby within the span of like 20 minutes.

We've had two different baby showers (see one here!) so we're getting stocked up on all things necessary for baby...including adorable onesies, baby shampoo, rattles & toys, baby name it in the cute department, we've got it.

BUT. We have oh-so-much-further to go.

I'm thinking about trying to make my own baptismal gown for the little one, although the time crunch is a little daunting at this point. I'm thinking something like the following can't be too difficult to pull together, though, right?

credit Running with Scissors
But there are a couple snags in this grand plan o'mine.
1. I have never sewn baby clothes before.
2. I'm terrified I will sew a baby gown and it will be either WAY too small or WAY too big. (honestly, probably more likely on the small side with the # of pounds I've gained this pregnancy)
3. I have very little time to complete said project, and...
4. I'm super indecisive and...
5. I still need to sew the curtains for the baby's room.
At 33.5 weeks already there is not much time to decide if I'm going to attempt this, let alone get it done if I decide yes. So there's that.

We also still have to:
- sand, prime, & paint the dresser/changing table combo we bought on Craigslist last week
- buy all the things we didn't get off our registries (not a ton left, just the bigger items that are harder to decide on, of course)
- put up shelves in the bathroom to store baby things/adult things that have been floating around our since we moved in
- finish the closet, and add some sort of organizational scheme so we can store more in there than previously
- get footstool for nursery (David's promised me I'll have one by the time we come home from the hospital, but I've seen no evidence so far...)
- hang up the art/decorations in the nursery
- finish stripping/painting the doors for the nursery & bathroom and re-install them
- buy foam for bassinet in our room
- do some major deep cleaning so I don't freak out
My nesting hormones are kicking in like crazy recently. My desk was left sort of messy on Friday and I had a mini panic attack Monday morning when I came back to I spent a good portion of the morning cleaning it, and trying to ignore all the other things that needed to be cleaned in our house on my way up to my office. (I just closed my eyes and fumbled my way around til I made it upstairs. It wasn't the safest, but it worked.)

this is gonna be me. just you wait!
I just know I'm going to be the cliche pregnant woman who refuses to get in the car to go to the hospital because she's too busy scrubbing the bathroom floor at 3 a.m. or detailing the car in a major way through intense contractions.

Got any advice on how to survive these last weeks of pregnancy without losing your mind? I'm trying my best but any veterans could send some coping mechanism my way, if they were so inclined...

Baby shower!

07 April 2014

07 April 2014
I haven't posted in like 6 days - so here's a random post about the baby shower my MIL and SIL hosted for me this weekend. It was so fun and SO cute, as you will easily be able to tell from the photos.

I think this was David's favorite part of the whole thing - the onesie in the middle went straight to his soccer player heart!

Adorable centerpieces with practical applications: finger puppets and baby washcloths!

David may have failed a little bit on the whole focusing aspect on this one...but I don't blame him since we're both getting used to my new camera, which definitely came in handy this weekend.

And just for fun, not one of us during the shower but a nice one we took together over the weekend:

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

April Fool's Day...backfiring.

01 April 2014

01 April 2014
I should have realized that playing a prank on Facebook about anything pregnancy-related was going to backfire on me.

But I've had so many comments about how big I am in the last 7 months, supposedly impossibly big for just one baby, that I just couldn't resist making a joke out of it.

So I posted this on Facebook:

And TONS of people fell for it. Like, seriously. An enormous amount. (There's over 106 likes at current count, and over 24 comments. And it's still growing. Yikes.)

Maybe I grew up in a family that took April Fool's Day more seriously than others? (My mom was a master of the "move the clock forward to make everyone freak out" game, or dyeing all our food a weird color, to name a few.) Or maybe everyone just got caught off guard? I tried to make it as obvious as I could that it was a joke:

  • I didn't block out the real mama's name in the top left corner
  • I didn't give any real details or freak out in the caption, like I would have if we were just finding out now
  • I said it was a "routine ultrasound" which is pretty much a lie, because I'm pretty sure they don't have routine ultrasounds at 32.5 weeks, or I missed mine
  • I'm already 32.5 weeks along...(I feel like this should be enough evidence for most people to discount it, but apparently not)
  • I am not THAT huge
But apparently all of my Facebook friends are incredibly gullible, or they all just really wanted us to be having twins. Or they all think I'm just enormous and were glad they finally could pinpoint a reason why I am carrying so big. I guess we will never know.

This is not to say that we wouldn't be thrilled to find out we were having a surprise twin - I've wanted to have twins since I was a little girl. But according to a bunch of sites that I looked at after the posting, that happens less than 1% of the time after the 32-week mark. Most women actually find out earlier that they are pregnant when they're carrying twins, because their pregnancy symptoms are more severe from the get-go. And usually when they go into their first appointment, which happens earlier than most, they can already hear two heartbeats.


Plus with the advent of 3D ultrasounds, it's practically impossible to go 40-odd weeks not realizing that there are two bébés in there. (There weren't any stats for the "I didn't know I was pregnant til I had the baby" crowd, but they probably increase dramatically in those cases. I dismissed them since I am for sure, 100% that I am having a baby, and have been for awhile.)

The best part is that both David and I do have family history of twins/multiples, so it's a very real possibility for us in the future. If we ever do have twins, no one is going to believe us...which I think will be all the more hilarious if/when it happens.

I promise I learned my lesson, though. I will never again make a fake pregnancy-related April Fool's Day joke again, especially on social media. Or at least not until the memory of this one fades from peoples' minds.

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