Summer life {bits & bobs}

I saw a great quote on the internet last night (and can't find now, grrr) that went:
"There are only two seasons: autumn, and waiting for autumn."
In the midst of our third consecutive week of unbearable heat this summer, I'm really feeling that quote right now. Don't get me wrong, I like some things about summertime.

Summer thunderstorms, the best daRn watermelon, corn on the cob, grilling every night for dinner, the abundance of weddings, fireworks, family time, the ability to slow down for no reason except the stifling heat, getting a little tan, boating, friends coming to visit -- all of these are great things about summer.

But between reading that quote, listening to tons of Gregory Alan Isakov, and re-reading Anne of Avonlea right now, I'm deeply wishing fall was here already. Anyone else in the same boat?

my youngest sister & giant Kate. where did baby Kate go?
Speaking of summer flying by, I'm on day 38 of P90X3, and I'm really in love with it this time around. I can feel myself getting stronger, more confident, more aware of my body and how it works and feels through every workout. I greatly took advantage of pregnancy with Kate and ate anything & everything, mostly because I felt like my cravings were more a part of me than she was. (Not true, but kind of.)

So now I'm trying to be more intentional about what I put in my body, and what makes me truly feel whole and healthy instead of just what will satisfy me for a short time. It's been a struggle - the hardest part has been giving up my snack in the evening when David and I are winding down watching Netflix. I miss it like crazy! But surprise, surprise - when I don't eat right before bed, I'm actually more awake and ready for the morning when it gets here. And I love that.

Although I'm not seeing immediate dramatic results, I'm really happy with the direction I'm going. Last night when I finished my workout, I came upstairs and David, unbeknownst to him, gave me a big compliment, saying: "Wow, you look like an athlete now." He's been greatly supportive of me the whole time, but an athlete is something I never thought I'd look like, like...ever. (He's the best, and he's all mine, sorry.)

So suffice it to say that I'm working out, eating better, and realizing that these sorts of things take time -- and that I'm willing and more than happy to put in the time to do so.

The wedding I mentioned last week, of one of my all-time best friends, Katie, went off this weekend without a hitch. I mean, the makeup lady for the bride didn't show up so they had to call a replacement, and it was a good 100° for our outdoor afternoon photo shoot after the ceremony, but it was all-around lovely.

I love weddings - every time I go to one, I can visibly remember what it was like to stand on the altar with David (over 2 years ago now! crazy!), making our vows to each other, and it makes me tear up. #women,amIright?

Also, the flowers were gorgeous. I love me some pretty flowers.


How's your summer?