200th post & living with a toddler

When I realized on Monday that my next post would be my 200th post on this little inconsequential blog, I thought I might plan on writing something somewhat profound. Like maybe the lessons I've learned in blogging so far, or things I get out of blogging, or maybe just my tips on how to run a small mommy blog and have it enrich your life.

Then this morning hit me like a ton of bricks. I couldn't wake up to save my life, Kate insisted on throwing a full poopy diaper onto the floor moments after I took it off her person, and then I stubbed my toe on David's dresser like, super duper hard to the point where I think I'll have a bruise.

So instead of being all poetical or wise, I'm going to give you a pictorial reflection on what it's like to live with a toddler, because my brain can't function over that level of thinking today.

I was finishing a work project in our bedroom, because I've moved my "office" downstairs from the heat-cave that is our attic for the summer, and Kate was awfully quiet for quite a long time. And this happened. There's always a delicate balance decision there - should I leave her be, and enjoy the uninterrupted work time? or do I investigate and then have her claw at my legs/desk/keyboard to be played with because she forgot I existed while she was busy playing?

Half the time I investigate, she's sitting quietly reading a book (all by herself!, well, "reading") and half the time she's doing things like above. Destroying an entire box of Kleenex, and I'm pretty sure eating at least one whole one. Oops.

This also happened in that short time frame...although to be fair, this happens every day (and sometimes multiple times per day, if I get the energy to clean it up once). She loves her books, that's for sure. There are currently 6 also piled around my desk from her bringing them to me during the span of the morning.

Have I mentioned how much she loves her books? And it's not just picture books -- she will grab at anything I'm reading if she can get close enough, or pick up my books if they're left on the floor and page through them.

Living with a toddler is a whole new challenge that I don't know if anyone is ever truly prepared for. And we haven't even gotten to the terrible 2s or anything like that, so I'm already hitching up my mind and soul to ride the waves of whatever comes next. But boy oh boy is it fun. It really, truly is.

Thanks for reading my blog. I don't say it enough, and while I'd probably keep writing even if David were my only reader, it wouldn't be quite as exciting and fulfilling as it is with all you tagging along. So thankyouthankyou. Keep me writing and I'll hopefully get to 500 posts sometime soon (but not TOO soon, don't worry.)