Deep life questions

I have lots of questions sometimes, so I figured I'd smash them all into one big blog post. Why not, right?

Why are rugs so expensive?

We're in need (David would say "want," not "need," but I say need) of a new rug for our living room. Currently the rug we have in our dining room is just a big piece of remnant carpet from Menards, and it's fading fast, so I have lofty dreams of switching the rug in our living room to the dining room and then buying a new one for the living room, in which we just bought a new TV console, and for which we're trying to pick a paint color. (Not ending sentences with prepositions is hard.)

Some ones I've been crushing:

Joss and Main, $122
Urban Outfitters, $200
Rugs USA, $134

What makes babies think that you saying "ouch" when they scratch/poke/punch/kick you is just so. darn. hilarious??

Kate's in this stage right now where if she wants something, she'll come grab at whatever piece of our flesh is nearest and just take a big handful and squeeeeze really hard, which just hurts like crazy. So then we say "ouch" and she laughs super duper hard. It's very cute so it's hard to get mad, but it h-u-r-t-s.

Why does knitting take so darn long?

Am I just a slow knitter, or do blankets just start as this really great idea when you're knitting and then months later you're like, Why did I start such an awful project, I'll be knitting this still when I'm 70 years old? Or is that just me?

I swear, I've been working on this forever.

I still love the blanket I'm knitting but holy hell, it is taking me foreverrrrrr. Teach me your fast knitting ways.

Why is bluegrass so good?

I've been on another wishing-fall-was-here bluegrass kick today during work/blogging time. I know bluegrass sounds like the sort of music they played sittin' out on the porch after quittin' time in the 1850s, but today's bluegrass is so much more. Check out The Punch Brothers, Nickel Creek, Watkins Family Hour (yes I know all three of those share like the same artists back and forth but whateverrrr) if you need a starting place.

Or hit me up via email and I would even make you a special playlist! Just for you! I love me some Spotify playlists.

Why does Jimmy John's sound good any hour of the day or night?

No answer here, just one of life's big questions.

How do just happen to stumble upon posts on the internet that basically shatter my entire universe?
*bonus points if you get that reference*

Like, I know I'm behind the times but I just discovered Wait But Why and it's quickly become my favorite internet resource for blog posts that teach you everything about stuff you should definitely know, but because you're a pretend adult you don't really know them yet. It's so awesome.

I read this one on the Fermi Paradox, about the different camps of belief about intelligent life out in the universe, and immediately posted it on Caitlin's wall on Facebook because I had to share with someone. And because I'm a huge nerd.

This morning I sent this one about Tesla Motors to David, because he's always talked about how awesome Tesla is but I never knew just quite how awesome.

And then I read this one about the advent of AGI/ASI (artificial intelligence) (part 1 linked there, part 2 here) afterwards and when I finished reading it I just sat at my desk and stared into space trying to comprehend it for like, ten solid minutes after I finished it. (Bless you, morning nap time.)

None of these are a quick read (I think technically the AI ones are the longest combined, but they're all up there) but I highly highly recommend them. They're like if you had all the free time in the world to jump down every rabbit hole of the internet to find out the answers to life's questions all wrapped up into one (not very succinct) blog post. With awesome illustrations to boot.

Okay, enough questions for today.
Maybe some real answers tomorrow?


  1. Some answers:
    1. For what it's worth, my mom has ordered from RugsUSA and l.o.v.e.s. them. I think they run sales and coupon codes frequently.
    2. Yes, knitting is eternal. If you ever really want to punish yourself, knit a round blanket, and each round will get larger than the one before, thus slowing down your progress until you finally just call it good enough.
    3. Because Jimmy Johns is the food of heaven.

    1. Ooo, that's awesome to hear about RugsUSA. I've never known anyone to buy from there and I always feel a little sketchy about trying new/unknown websites to purchase things (especially large items). And YES, I'm sure that my version of heaven will be unlimited Ultimate Porker sandwiches, their BBQ chips, and large Diet Cokes. :)


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