Fourth of July week-end

I took way too many pictures this weekend visiting David's family for the Fourth, and I've already clogged up my Facebook feed with them, so here they all are in full iPhone 6 glory - to share with you because you totally asked, right? (I brought my real camera with me on the trip, and remembered that I had done so when we were unpacking the car back at home. Oops.)

Originally, we were going to spend the first couple mornings painting their swingset, so Kate and I got all dressed up and then it didn't work out. (Don't you love my classy non-buttoning borrowed jeans?)

 She makes this face 24/7 now. It's as adorable in person as it is here.

We had lots of bonfires...

And then we went swimming at the Gokie's friends' house!

excuse the very-smudged mascara, plz & thank you

I had to take a specific picture of Kate in this hat, because hello CUTE.

Kate had some fun on the swings...

We exposed her to some very very dangerous fireworks...

Played with some ourselves after her bedtime (even though we quickly retreated inside because the bugs were HORRRIBLE).

And then took some refreshing naps at home on Sunday afternoon.

It was a patriotic and lovely weekend, but it's nice to be back on a schedule.
How was your Fourth? #murica