Life lately {Easter edition}

So, I've been pretty bad about memory-keeping lately.

I've been bringing my camera to plenty of things we've done, but then not taking it out to, you know, actually take pictures. Umm, that's kind of against the point.

So, in crappy iPhone photos, here's what we've been doing lately:
(also, most all these are repeat from Instagram. Sorry not sorry.)

A play date with our beautiful friends' little daughter Jacqueline. Kate's 7 months older and 200% bossier/more assertive than she, so it was, ahem, a little disheartening to realize our little sweet baby becomes a bit of a bully when she's around other babies.

I'm hoping it's a trait that she'll grow out of.
Either that or we've got some fun parenting ahead of us.

We went to a Husker baseball game even though the night we went it was like 23° outside. Brrrrr.

Huskers vs. Texas, and Huskers that kind of made it worth it. But still, I'd rather go back when it's like, above at least 50°. Kate spent most of the time wrapped inside David's coat all cozy, happy to be outside, so that was definitely a bonus.

We went golfing on Holy Saturday in Columbus, and it was beeeeautiful. A little chilly to start but then warmed up really nicely - enough that I felt justified wearing shorts in 50° weather to warm up and get some sun on my pale-pale-pale legs.

Although, I'll be honest - I didn't do a whole lot of golfing. I'm not the greatest so I spent the majority of the time just enjoying the outdoors and pushing Kate around in our stroller...until it broke on hole #6 and she went home with Grandma. But it was more than nice to just be outside for a long period of time! I loved it.

I'll be honest with you all: I'm pretty disappointed because this is the only picture I got from Easter.

We went to the Easter Vigil Mass in Norfolk, to see David's cousin's girlfriend enter the Church...and it started at 8:30. PM. Did I realize that when we agreed to go? No. Do I intensely regret wearing platform wedges? Yes. Did Kate sleep in the Ergo the whole time? Umm, big fat NO. (She slept for about an hour and a half, total.) Did I think the Mass was going to be over 3 hours long? Also, no.

Was it beautiful and worth it? Yes.
But next time I'm gonna wear flats. Or make David wear the baby.

Anywho, we were driving back to Lincoln after the Mass so we were in a bit of a hurry, since it's a 2.5 hour drive from Norfolk to Lincoln. If you did that math, that means we got home at 2:30 a.m. Amid all that hurrying and standing-in-the-vestibule-because-Kate-was-crying, I didn't get a picture of us in our Easter finery.

I will try to have us get a family picture together soon (it's been too long!) and Kate will need to be wearing the dress she wore for Easter because holy adorable.

I snapped the above photo of Kate opening her basket from the Easter bunny (ahem, for the second time) -- it included The Tale of Peter Rabbit, egg-shaped crayons, a pull-toy lion, a swim-diaper, a sippy cup with straw, and baby cookies. She enjoyed pulling things out of the basket and then kind of lost interest. Oh well!

David spent most of the day Easter feeling crappy, so we were super low key all day. It was nice and relaxing, and beautiful outside, and I got to eat candy. So all in all a lovely time.

Hope your Easter was as filled with joy as ours.


  1. Oh my gosh!!! Your amazing for sticking it out all Easter vigil without knowing what you were getting into! We left the kids sleeping at home with a babysitter but I was still barely able to sit/stand/stay awake the whole time, and I also TOTALLY regretted my shoe choice! And you had a baby strapped on... your my hero!
    Happy Easter!

  2. Yes! Easter dress picture! Seriously, one of the best things about this time of year is seeing everybody's families in their adorable outfits :)


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