7QT #33: a phone photo dump

These last two weeks have been crazy/fun/engrossing/really tiring. I can hardly believe it's halfway through April already. Like, what. My brain can't even comprehend it enough to add a question mark to that sentence.

Instead of reeling in my inability to comprehend the normal passage of time, let's do a pictorial recap of the last like, 10 days, how about?

The last weekend we did a lot of things including some golfing, with a beautiful sunset thrown in...

And a fancy schmancy fundraising dinner at David's old high school...

For a break from pictures, can I just real quick tell y'all how awesome my experience with Rent the Runway? I used their service to rent the above beautiful black with gold-flower-lace gown. 

It was super easy to use -- just pick out your dress, what dates you'd like it, and they even most times can send you two sizes of the same dress if you're not sure which will fit (for no additional cost!). My favorite part of the website is the customer reviews, though, because most customers write really detailed and super-helpful reviews after renting, including pictures of the dress on real women.

If you're curious, this is the dress I ordered, although it took me FOR-EV-ER to pick one (ask David) because there were just too many beautiful options. 

And no, I'm not cool/fancy enough to be getting paid to make this recommendation, just thought y'all should know about great things that I like. You're welcome.

On Sunday, we went to the Newman Center's Dedication Mass. I've already written about that plenty, so here are some more pictures in case you haven't seen them.

It's so pretty, guys. You need to go visit it yourself. The pictures just don't do it real justice.

Kate's been eating big people food like there's no tomorrow. It's really really cute even if it does take her half an hour or more to eat a full meal's worth.

The other night she ate chicken, cheese, corn, and grapes -- a lot -- and I was like, where did my little baby go?

And also she crawled on the grass for the first time Wednesday afternoon. Okay, total new parent moment but I got a little nervous when we put her down there...like, I know she'll be fine but what if she's allergic? What if she gets dirty? What if what if what if...

Obviously she was fine and has had no lasting side effects from crawling in some grass.
I know, I'll lighten up. It was mostly mental anyway. 

I love me some Whole Foods.
I wish I had a lot more disposable income so I could shop there for everything on my grocery list. For now I'm sticking to the essentials that I can only get there: cheap coconut oil, tea, and pretty flowers I'm going to pot & stick on my desk. 

Also filed under: how does one surreptitiously take a photo of their basket of foods while grocery shopping so they can Instagram/blog it later?
and: coconut oil is hella good for keratosis pilaris (seriously, check it out if you haven't before...it's miraculous)

Well, I've run out of interesting pictures to show you. The only other ones from this week on my phone are screenshots of Craigslist couches we're thinking of buying and a photo of some shoes I painted in really poor lighting. So I'll spare you from those two, how about.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend. David and Kate and I are planning on relaxing - we haven't had a weekend at home since, like, the middle of February.

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  1. I never thought about coconut oil on my arms for those annoying bumps/redness! I'll have to try that. Does the oil stain your clothes at all? Or do you just rub it in REALLY well?

    1. I use it as a DIY scrub in the shower - 1/2 C coconut oil (virgin, unrefined, and then I slightly warm it in the microwave) mixed with 1/2 C plain white sugar. I mix it by hand and then stick it in a jar in the shower, and apply it to my arms after exfoliating with a loofa and let it sit 1-3 minutes on there. Super easy, super cheap! I know some people use it as a lotion but I don't like the smell that much so I did this version instead.

      My arms are like, 100x smoother since I started doing it, and the appearance of my bumps is already going down although not quite as fast as the feel of them. It's awesome!

  2. Hi! First time here, found you at the 7QT meet up! :-) Such a cute baby! I totally get ya' though about the grass thing . . . And my second just turned one. I'm a worrier though. Always have been, probably always will be. Enjoy your weekend! My hubby and I are sort of in the same boat, out of the last nine weekends eight of them have involved travel, conferences, interviews, or houseguests. All good, but gee are we happy to have a quite weekend! Take care!

  3. #5! Too funny :) I remember when John Paul was a baby we always made sure he was on a blanket outside, or he had his pacifier in to make sure he didn't eat any grass or leaves... Meanwhile the askin twins have eaten more leaves this WEEK than John Paul did when he was a baby!


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