Fiesta Monday

So, Mondays.

They are really no fun.

They are even less fun when your husband/life partner/co-babysitter/nighttime waking dealer-with is going to be out of town for the next 48 hours, and you're looking at a loooong stretch of teething and crying all by your lonesome.

I mean, lonesome minus the almost-one-year-old.

Obviously, it's not the end of the world. I mean, I do get tiny bouts of anxiety thinking about the fact that I'm stuck in the same place for the next two days, since David took our only car, but they are mostly minor.


Anywho, onto more pleasant pastures?

Right now I'm doing some party planning for Kate's first birthday, which meant that I got to whittle away hours at Hobby Lobby and Target this weekend brainstorming and buying cute things. I haven't had a chance to go all out party planning since our wedding, and let's be honest - little girl birthdays are way more fun. I don't want to spoil it all but I bought some gold spray paint, pink pots for centerpieces, and black-and-white striped tablecloths.

Also, I'm working on her monthly photos, and I'm going to print them out here someday soon, whenever I get around to it. For now I'm playing around with collages so there you go (see up above) and my one month free trial of Lightroom. It's a good time waster, that's for sure.

Also also, if you want to print your Instagram photos, the Shutterfly mobile app is having a great deal -- use the code 4X4PRINTS to get 25 free 4x4" prints! (you do obviously have to download the Shutterfly app, and then upload from there but it's totally worth it!) (and no affiliate, just a great deal!)

Let's see, what else is new?

I finally broke down and bought this jean jacket, after borrowing Caitlin's approximately 100 times when we lived together and then jonesing for one ever since we stopped living together. It's everything I've dreamed of and more. I've barely taken it off since I bought it Friday night.

I'm rereading the Harry Potter series after reading a lot of "heavy" materials lately (by heavy, I mean slightly advanced over teen reads). I'm on Prisoner of Azkaban and boy, I forgot how much I love HP. I'm going to make David have a marathon of watching the movies with me once I've finished. If you've got good book recommendations, or great taste (which I'm sure you do) -- follow me on Goodreads! aka the nerdiest social media platform.

I'm also on day 25 of the 30 day shred, which is kicking my butt in a good way. Do I dare start running again outside afterwards? I'm tempted to by all the nice weather we've been having lately, but I'm also not a huge fan of running with our jogging stroller because it makes me even slower than the slow turtle I was without it...thoughts?

Happy Monday, y'all, if there's ever been one.


  1. best jean jacket ever. I miss borrowing your skull scarf and those cool keds.

  2. Just used that Shutterfly promo code! Yay!

    1. YAY! I saw it pop up as an ad on Facebook and couldn't believe my luck! :)

  3. I bought my jean jacket from the Gap in 2003 and 12 years later, it's still one of my favorite items :)

    1. They are so useful and timeless, at least let's hope they continue to stay that way! Gap clothes never seem to disappoint, either.

  4. I just finished "The Girl on the Train" and it was crazy good. I can't wait to reread the HP series someday. Can you believe Landon hasn't seen any of the movies?!


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