10 months

Where did my sweet little baby go? 
Kate is officially 10.5 months old (whoops, I'm behind yet again) and I swear she is like 90% toddler at this point. I love it but I'm missing that new-baby-ness. 

Weight: 20.5 lbs or more, depending on when you weigh her on our again, mostly inaccurate home scale. She's definitely put on the lbs in the last couple weeks, because my arms get tired more quickly from holding her!

Height: same as before. I think she's going to slow down on the growing a little bit from here on out, which kind of makes me sad, but it's nice for clothes-buying.

Firsts this month: pulling up on furniture & cruising! She loves it and has made us do a lot of rearranging and organizing that I didn't anticipate for awhile yet. It's super adorable though.

Nicknames: nothing new!

Other things to note:
- Kate's definitely developing a bit of an attitude. She's figured out how to angry-screech in order to get us to pay attention to her, and combined with a major pouty face, pretty much has us all wrapped up. 
- But on the other hand, she is genuinely really happy most of the time (see above photos). If she's not one, it's the other in the exact opposite direction, which is totes fine. 
- She's not in love with car trips anymore. Since last month's 8 hour drive to CO, she will only sleep for a little bit of a car ride and then be VERY upset that she can't participate in the rest of the drive with us, unless someone's sitting in the back with her. So that's suuuuper fun.
- I'm both ready and not ready for her to start walking. She can almost get to standing when she's not holding onto something, and one of these days she will just take off. I'm going to appreciate the break for my arms but not necessarily the extra running we'll probably have to start doing...
- Plans for her 1st birthday are coming along! I'm so much more excited than I probably should be. I don't get a chance to host parties as much as I would like so yeah, I'm stoked.
- Oh, and STILL no teeth. Crazy right?

XOXO, girlie.


  1. such a cutie!!! such a fun stage when they are learning so many new things so fast!


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