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Lots of things going on at Casa Gokie plus a really busy month of work means I effectively haven't blogged consistently in a very long time. Is this what it's like to be a functioning adult? I'm not sure, and I'd prefer not to find out for a few years yet. Anyway, here to give you a rundown of what's been going on lately and to jot down thoughts about this stage of life because why not!

First of all, I have a lovely new theme and some organizing going on behind the scenes lately. I get this itch to change everything on my blog pretty consistently every 6 months or so, and I finally succumbed to this round of editing. You won't notice anything if you read on a reader like I do (Feedly all the way, man) but that's fine. It's mostly for my own benefit anyway. I did edit my About page although it will go further in editing when I get a somewhat current family photo of us (the last ones I have are from Easter when David and I kind of look like death warmed over cause we took the photos too early in the morning).

I'm down 25-ish pounds since the end of May, and while that is awesome and I am very proud of myself, it has not been an easy two months. Admittedly I was eating too much beforehand, but I was also relying on food to lift my mood and to entertain myself probably too much, so this has been a good system to try and negate those not-so-great habits. If you're curious, I've been doing Weight Watchers and working out 5 days a week. I went through Insanity Max 30 and I think I'm going to start Focus T25 in the next few weeks, just for something new. I miss eating whatever I want, and like I've told multiple people by now, I'd better be seeing results for all the food I wish I was eating. ;)

Both of those changes have incredibly lifted my daily mood and overall life outlook, which everyone says is a benefit of working out but is hard to believe until you're actually doing it yourself. I really look forward every day to working out either after the girls nap and are plonked in front of an episode of Clifford on Netflix or after David gets home. And the fact that I'm actually losing weight is a great motivator.

My big reward for the end of all this (my "goal" weight, if you will) is a vacation sometime next year after Cora weans. It'll be a combination 5 year anniversary trip plus the reward, and I'm already excited about it even though it's a long ways in the future. If you've got any suggestions for us when it comes to destinations, hit me up! I'm thinking something adventurous and relaxing at the same time - something maybe like an Alaskan cruise? We'll see.

Cora is crazy on the move now. She's crawling everywhere, although has an affinity for our main rug in the living room which is nice. She's of course attracted to all the cords, dog toys, and outlets around, so I've put back some babyproofing methods in place, and Kate is quickly learning to keep her books out of her reach. 

In other words, I'm appreciating these sleeping photos of her even more the more she grows, because it's the only time she stops moving. 

This one (^^^) is still constantly on the move, and becoming an excellent shopper in her pretend grocery store in the basement. She has recently rediscovered the glories of splashing in rain puddles, coloring, and pretending to put her babies down to sleep. Her tantrums are somewhat spacing out but she has a lot of emotions for a little person and it's overwhelming at times. She's getting braver and braver in the pool (see photo #1) with lots of help from the grandparents, and it's still as fun as ever to see her grow.

What's new with you?


  1. Ooh, go on a cruise!! That's what we would do anyway, ha. My parents literally got home today from an Alaskan cruise and they loved it. So that is a great idea :)


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