about me

Hello dear reader!
My name is Hannah, and I'm the author of this little blog in my own little corner of the internet.

A little about me: I'm a 20-something work-from-home girl, a relatively recent college graduate, and an avid reader. I love random things like Doctor Who, knitting, Jimmy John's sandwiches, typography, and home improvement projects. I'm Catholic and am striving to live my life on a path of holiness. 

I'm in love with the best man in the world: my husband, David. We met in August of 2009 and were married on June 29, 2013 -- it's been a whirlwind the whole time. Together we love to argue (we're really good at it), go stargazing, binge watch TV shows on Netflix, and work on house projects.

We have TWO beautiful daughters. Our oldest is Kateri Amelia, a spunky two-and-a-half year old, and she likes to think she runs the show.

Our youngest is Cora Jane, born in December of 2016. She has captured all of our hearts -- pretty much since the moment she was born.

If you ever want to become e-pals, have questions, or just want to make a comment, please feel free to send me an email: gokienotes@gmail.com.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Sweet photos. :o) What an exciting time to be expecting your first baby! Congratulations. Happy to have found your blog ... I'll be following on Google+ :o)