seven quick takes #57

Do you ever sit down at the computer (Kitty likes to call it the "peter") to type out a post, with ample time on your hands, and then nothing comes to mind to write about? I've had that feeling for like a week now, heck half of the posts I've written in the last month have felt like that. Maybe it's just my mom-brain increasing with two kids instead of one, or maybe it's just writer's block - who knows. Anyways an early quick takes seems to be the recipe to jump start writing again, right? :)

This weekend we're going to buy a bunch of dirt. Thrilling, right? As you might remember we got rid of our big tree that was overwhelming the backyard, and last weekend David spent a lot of time digging out the roots that were leftover. We need some dirt to fill in the uneven patches, especially where the stump was, so we're having something like 6 cubic yards delivered in hopes that'll be enough to fill in our lumpy bits, and then possibly build out some flower beds in the front of the house. The dirt is also necessary to liven up the soil in the backyard in hopes we can plant some seed and get a real lawn going back there, since right now it's just a big unhealthy dirt pit.

Suddenly Cora has really gotten the hang of tummy time and lifting her head way, way up! I have recollections of Kate doing exactly the same thing. One day, she just decided she was fine with it and she looked crazy grown up. Cora won't tolerate tummy time for a long period of time, but she doesn't scream bloody murder anymore when we put her down because she's learned how to lift her head up.

Some of you have asked how working from home has gone with now 2 little needy people in the mix. The above photo accurately describes what most days look like, at least in the morning. Kate and Cora sitting next to my desk, Kate either building something with blocks or "reading" to Cora, and Cora cooing away in her seat. Obviously those are the good days. There are also days where I hop back and forth from my desk 20 times in the span of two hours, consoling one or the other who's sobbing for some reason, or nursing the little snacker, or taking 5 trips to the potty in the span of 20 minutes. Usually in the afternoon during naptime I can get them both down for at least one overlapping hour, which is helpful for my sanity. Honestly though, I only work during that hour when I absolutely have to catch up - I usually spend it reading or napping myself so I can bounce back when they wake up.

I caved and bought the Mutu System after talking about it and reading about it for a solid week. I've been doing it for almost 2 weeks now and I already feel stronger in my core, which is such a relief and makes me happy I purchased it. (David thinks it's overpriced, I'm going to reserve my judgement on the price til I'm all the way through.) I love feeling that I can already tell a difference - especially laying on my side in bed.


I've started compiling some yearly home videos for us to look back at in the future (just using iMovie and the stuff we've recorded on our iPhones/camera in the past couple years). I finished 2013 and started 2014 - and even being pretty selective, 2014 is already over 15 minutes long and I'm not even through October. Oh well, we'll enjoy the extra minutes when we're 80 and we can play videos through our brains with just a thought, right? I mean, just look at the cuteness of Kitty in that photo there. How can I not include 8,000 pics?

Spring cleaning. Anyone else feel the urge to literally clean every surface in your filthy house when the weather gets warm? Just me? I've been trying to keep on top of things relatively speaking but there are a lot of things in our house I don't know how to clean or don't feel confident in cleaning. I do the pioneer version and hang them up outside & beat them with a broom? Vacuuming doesn't seem to do enough. Windows on the inside and outside...just vinegar & newspaper, or do I need something more heavy-duty? Wood floors...take everything out and swiffer/hand wash with Murphy's Oil? Help me!

I have much too expensive taste for our limited budget right now. I really want one of these prints from Be A Heart Design for one of the girls' rooms, a little bonnet for Cora to wear for her Easter basket, this awesome denim jumper for the summer, this gorgeous Mary & toddler Jesus illustration...the list goes on. Oh and a double linen ring sling (maybe sage?) when Wildbird has their end-of-season sale.

Okay, that should be enough for now. Linking up with Kelly!


  1. Ooh I love the yearly video idea! Logan has a film degree and is GREAT at making videos but for some reason we have zero fancy videos of our kids. That needs to change...


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