Postpartum exercise

Notice how I didn't say "postpartum weight loss"...haha.

I've been exercising post-natally for now 6 weeks, doing a combination of Kayla Itsines' BBG (Bikini Body Guide) and running/weights on the off days. (You're technically supposed to do long walks on the "off" days, but I haven't always wanted to just walk so I kind of am doing whatever the heckfire I want, and that gives me a little bit of control and makes me feel like I have some flexibility.)

My runs have been slow and steady and painful. My workouts have been filled with me panting in the basement, trying to catch my breath to do the next exercise. But being active, I've realized, makes me a much happier person to be around. So for that reason alone, I've enjoyed these past 6 weeks a lot. I used to dread exercise, but probably because it's a kid-free hour in my day now, I am seriously enjoying it. The endorphins from finishing a tough workout don't hurt, either - I love feeling accomplished, like I did something hard and I didn't die! look at me go!

my runs have been getting faster, so that's a good thing!
As you might remember, I did a LOT of working out in 2015, starting right about when Kate turned a year old. I did a few different programs in a row: P90X3, Insanity, and then BBG after that. I never did see a ton of progress. Like I've mentioned before, I have hypothyroidism, which prevents me from being able to lose weight easily just because of hormones.  After I got pregnant with Cora, I was determined to not gain as much weight as I had with Kate. Luckily I succeeded, and actual got back to my pre-pregnancy weight within 4 weeks of her birth. So that was a great feeling! I mean, I hadn't gained the same amount of weight and was considerably over my goal weight when we got pregnant, but still. It was nice to be wearing the same size of jeans as before. But I'm not satisfied, not quite yet.

The biggest problem I have with BBG is the ab workouts. I have diastasis recti, at least a self-diagnosed case, and I'm worried every time I do the ab workouts that I'm just making things worse, rather than making them better. I'm thinking of investing in the Mutu System, because my mom-tummy is the most not-in-shape part of me and just rectifying that would be a huge boost to my confidence. (I almost did at the beginning of last year, and then we got pregnant. So I didn't spend the money.) I know Rosie is doing it right now for Lent (such a good idea!) so I can't wait to hear her review. ;)

Although I enjoy the non-weight-loss-benefits of working out, I'm still searching for that magical combination of things that will allow me to lose a few l-b-s. My diet isn't *terrible,* but breastfeeding makes me ravenous practically 24/7 so cutting the amount of food I eat doesn't work. (Plus, the last time I did that my supply had a terrible dip, so I'm not risking that again.) I've been slowly trying to replace my unhealthy snacking with better snacking aka eating Kate's cheese sticks and apples & peanut butter instead of chocolate and cookies.

Anyway, not sure what the point of this post is except for me to complain a little and try to motivate myself to keep going, even if I don't see results. I have to remind myself sometimes that yes, there are goals to working out besides weight loss - happier mood, longer life span, more energy, etc. etc. so maybe this is a part of that.

I'm still gramming if you're curious on a more daily basis how it's going, otherwise catch you on the flip side!


  1. Oh yes be super-cautious about ab exercises if you have DR!!! Crunches will absolutely make it worse. I have to watch the videos for MuTu week 2 today, but as a terribly out of shape anti-exercise person, it's been great so far! I'll do a full review when I'm through all 12 weeks 😊

  2. I feel your pain! I just did a month long thing where I ate "clean" 80% of the time and I worked out 4-5x/week (I was doing nothing before) and I only lost 1 pound. It's so discouraging to not see progress... ugh. I find it hard to stay motivated just for an intangible "yay I'm healthy" outcome.

    1. Ugh I feel you!! The motivation thing is killer if you can't see any progress. Good for you, though, that is super impressive!

  3. I've never been able to get back to my ideal weight until I've weaned, so frustrating! I did want to tell you that I have lost a few unexpected pounds since I started avoiding dairy. Buuuut I'm also not advising you to do that because it sucks, ha. You're so right about feeling better about life with exercise - it's the main reason I do it! Keep it up!

    1. That is a good point, Jen - I wasn't sure last time if it was due to nursing that I wasn't losing weight, or just me in general. So I'll have to see if it changes when she weans. (I went to a year with Kate, planning on doing the same with Cora if I can!)


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