quick takes: no. 58

Look at me, more than one post this week! I'm on a roll. Linking up with Kelly for quick takes again!

Do you ever wake up on a day with your kids (if you have them) and instantly wish it were already nap time? No, just me? Well that's how I felt this morning, even though it's Friday, so I'm hoping the day turns around.

My extra-steeped cup of Mixed Berry Twinings tea is helping with my mood immensely already.


Cora has been a gem of a smiley baby lately, but her night time behavior is super unpredictable. She's been some days sleeping through the night, some days waking up once, some days waking up twice. I never can tell ahead of time which it's going to be, which is the worst part!

When Kate started sleeping through the night, I was super adament about not letting her go back to waking up. With Cora I find I don't mind getting up to nurse her as much as I thought I would. Luckily I'm able to fall back asleep quickly (it'd be a different story if I couldn't), and she eats so fast and concentrated-ly at night that it's maximum 15 minutes awake for one feeding. AND she goes right back to sleep each time, so really I have no complaints.

I'm worried about the 4 month sleep regression coming up soon and hoping maybe she'll ride it out without a problem? Wishful thinking, I know. Oh well.

Without TV to entertain us in the evenings (when will Lent ever end!!!...that's the spirit of Lent, right?) I've been trying to read a little bit more. My book for Lent is (affiliate links!) In This House of Brede, by Rumer Godden, spurred on by a lovely internet book club through Fountains of Carrots podcast page on Facebook. I am loving it so much and trying really hard not to speed through it because I want to enjoy it -- and I want it to last the rest of Lent!

I just finished Before the Fall by Noah Hawley last night. I'm not sure where it was recommended to me, but it was definitely an interesting read. The quick version summary: a plane crashes in the ocean holding the founder of Fox News (name changed in the book but it's very overtly Fox News) and another high-profile family and the investigation that surrounds it. But it's much more than that. I thought a bit of it was a little forced but overall I really wanted to finish the book and find out the ending, so I'd call it a success.

One thing that's been saving my morning routine since Cora was born has been some pre-made egg muffins my mom, sisters, and I made in a big batch cooking day. We did a lot of dinners (which we're slowly working through, too - so nice to have something to just pull out of the freezer some days!) but I didn't anticipate how much I would seriously love these dumb and easy egg muffins.

I'm not sure what recipe I used, but they're basically just mini quiche things (minus the crusts) cooked in a muffin tin. I put two to a baggie and froze them all. In the mornings now I just grab a package from the deep freeze, pop them in the microwave for 2 minutes, and voila - healthy and super super easy breakfast.

This recipe here is similar but I did just cut-up lunchmeat, peppers, onion, and no cheese as the filler ingredients. The only downside is I can't eat any of them on Fridays because of Lent, but that's okay. I need to soon check to see how many I have left and make more of them if I'm running out.


Is anyone else freaking out about and/or listening to S-Town? I'm really obsessed with it. I mean, I'm a big podcast listener in general, and this one may turn out to be my all-time favorite. Also a seriously beautiful website that I just clicked over to to link it here.

A recently overheard Kate soliloquy:

"You not da best, Cowah. *I* da best, wif Mom. Okay, Cowah? Okay???"

She's getting quite a personality and quite a naughty streak in her, that little stinker. Growing pains of a toddler, I suppose, right?

K, that's about all I got this week. Ta, friends!


  1. 1. "Do you ever wake up on a day with your kids (if you have them) and instantly wish it were already nap time? No, just me?" <-- YES.
    2. Unpredictable overnight sleep is my life right now. *SOB*
    6. I'm quickly learning that naughty streak = normal toddler stuff. Frustrating as heck, but par for the course. My new mantra over here is "this is normal, healthy, limit-testing toddler stuff." A shift in perspective has made my life a bit easier! Check out the toddler behavior book "No Bad Kids" if you're looking for some good advice for this hard phase! :) It's got a whole chapter on helping toddler to adjust to a new sibling which I keep rereading to maintain my sanity. Haha. Solidarity, sister!


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