Snow day

We had finally a bit of snow that stuck around long enough to play in last week, and Kate was just ecstatic so I had to break out the camera. She got a play snow shovel from Grandma & Papa for Christmas and had been dying to "soop soow?" (Scoop snow. Two words she's not that great at pronouncing.) for weeks and weeks.

When it snowed during the weekday, I told her we could go outside and play with Dad when he got home from work. So we did the 30 minute prep work - potty, getting dressed in 8,000 layers, snack, mittens and then she stood stock-still in front of the window waiting for him to pull in the driveway. And actually ended up staying outside for longer than the prep time, so I was pleased!

Cora and I retreated inside about halfway through, but not before taking some pictures of her in her first snow. Isn't that snowsuit just squishably cute?

Kate and David stayed out making tracks in the snow in the front yard until it got too dark to see. I couldn't get a good picture of it but imagine our yard full of squiggly lines of a big set of footprints followed with a small set. It made the melted snow later in the week even funnier to look at.

It was a fun evening and Kate keeps asking when it's going to snow again so she can shovel again. I hope the enthusiasm lasts long enough for her to actually contribute when she's a little bit bigger. :)


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