7QT #55: it only took me a week to write this!

I started writing this on Monday, and have hence changed the title every day of the week as I add a little bit more so I figured I should just bite the bullet and call it an early 7 quick takes for the week, since I haven't had one of those since pre-Cora! (Just checked. Last one was October. Get your act together Hannah!)

Today was an eventful morning for the baby of the family - her two month checkup! More deets will be coming in her two-month post (she's 8 weeks but not two months, yada yada yada) but she's 13 lbs 4 oz and the sweetest little chunk there is. The shots wiped her out this morning but we are just enraptured with her. David and I were gazing at her last night and trying to remember if she really *is* cuter than Kate was, or if that's just how you feel about newborns and your memory fades?

Let's be honest, it doesn't much matter when all you care about is that cute little face!

I've been on a hunt to replace our ginormous hutch that eats up the majority of our kitchen/dining combo area. It's a lovely well-opened room with plenty of light, and the huge hutch against the one wall just drains the entire light out of the area and makes it feel so closed off. When we finally get our butts in gear, I'm going to post it on Craigslist to fund a new sideboard. I have been drooling over plenty but what I really want is to find one in need of some love and fix it up myself. Something along the lines of the one pictured below but in need of a good sand & stain. I just don't know where to look in Omaha! So, local people - hit me up with your favorite places to buy used or antique furniture. Orrr I'm going to make David take on a huge DIY project and copy this set of plans. He's probably shaking his head reading this but I'M SERIOUS THIS TIME. :)

image from Home and Closet Vintage, a suuuuper cute vintage store in Lincoln you should check out if you're local
The links below are affiliate. I get a small percentage if you click through and buy! 
Cora has been a dream in the sleep department lately - it's been a solid 5 nights in a row with at least one 5 hour stretch, and more than likely longer than that - we're talking 7+ hours, people. I'm relishing in the caught-up sleep by binging a few books. First was The Name of the Wind, which I've already gushed about on the blog, and now I'm reading Playing Dead on the recommendation of a podcast, I think? I should come up with a better system to keep track, but oh well. To be honest the subject matter seems fascinating but it's put me to sleep 2 nights in a row so we'll see if I finish it. Especially since we ventured to the library this morning and got 3 of my holds all at once - The Wise Man's Fear (second in the Kingkiller series), My Brilliant Friend, and In This House of Brede. I honestly can't decide which one to pick up first.

I got credit for another Stitch Fix a few weeks ago in the mail and my box arrived this week! Somehow some of the pictures I took got corrupted on my phone, so I have photos of everything but the dress they sent (that was too small and not nursing friendly):

From left to right: Gleana Stitch Detail Pullover and Gap jeans, Mansor Scoop Neck Top and Winnie Leggings, and the last two are Westminster Back Cut Out Blouse with same Gap jeans.

The sweater on the left was weirdly tight at the bottom, like the banded bottom polos I used to wear in high school when they changed our uniform. A no go.
The purple top was weirdly tight at the elbows and not my favorite print, hence the thumbs down. Also I don't need any more leggings.

The orange top is what I'm keeping! It's very cute and a great color, and I really like the cutout. I will wear a different tank top underneath the next time I wear it. If you want to try out Stitch Fix, click through somebody's link and they'll get credit back. Heck, could be mine which is right here...;)

Some links:
My beautiful friend Caitlin (who needs to get back to blogging because she is hilarious, peer pressureeeee) opened a seriously great Society6 shop with her art and you should go check it out and buy her adorable stuff. You can get it on tshirts and phone cases and prints and all sorts of stuff, aka anything your heart could desire. Check her out right here!

Stephanie wrote a great saga about the birth of her second baby, leaving cliffhanger after cliffhanger and as all birth stories, it's fascinating and filled with the best kind of drama...baby drama! Part one here.

Moms of little girls who are semi-close in age: there are a few holidays I'd like to buy matching outfits for Kate and Cora for, but my usual go-tos (umm, BabyGap and consignment stores) don't have matching outfits in their differing sizes. Where do I shop for matching clothes? I can obviously make them stuff but have zero free time right now for extraneous sewing projects, so shopping it is. And really, I've got awhile but I have this adorable vision of matching Easter dresses dancing in my head and I'll be sad if it doesn't come true.


This is my view most mornings as I'm getting ready for the day - two babies on the bed, half-made, messy side tables, burp cloths adorning the headboard et al. It's not half bad, if I do say so myself.

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend. Head to Kelly's for more!


  1. Thanks for the shout out. :) After I finished writing mine, I hopped around the internet and read as many as I could. Including yours! Baby drama is the best drama!

    Cora is so so so so so cute! I just love those chubby cheeks!! Pretty sure Kate was that cute too tho. :)

    And would Target have matching dresses?

  2. Re #6: Zulily! They've got them up through at least size 7, generally. Even if they get too old to want to match, you're good ;) (the girls are all wearing coordinated smocked Easter dresses this year even though Cecilia doesn't want to BECAUSE WE MIGHT NEVER HAVE THE CHANCE AGAIN!!!)

  3. The Children's Place and Gymboree occasionally have sales where everything is $12.99 or 70% off. If you keep your eyes open for those sales, you can pick up some steals! :)

    When I read Stitch Fix posts, I always try to predict what the person kept, based on the pictures. I was right about that orange top. It's lovely! :)

    I haven't been able to try Stitch Fix (because they don't carry plus sizes yet), but I have tried Dia & Co., which works similarly but is for sizes 14 and up. In case any of your readers are in the same boat, I'll drop a link to my first Dia review: http://www.sweepingupjoy.com/dia-co-review/

    1. Awesome, thanks for the tips Alicia. I'm new to this matching thing and want to take advantage of it as long as I can, haha!


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