Blogging on the backburner

As you might have anticipated, or guessed from the relative silence around here, finding time to blog with two kids is nooooot as easy as with just one crazy toddler. I mean, I haven't been *prioritizing* blogging, per se, but it's not as quick to just jot a post here and there while the one sleeps. Most times I've been trying to stay up on the laundry (a gajillion gallons of it, with Ms. Spit Up 2017 around) and occasionally have an idea ready for dinner before 5:30 so blogging has been hit and miss. I'm sure you've missed my somewhat coherent ramblings.

Yesterday was the first time that both girls slept for 2.5 hours in the afternoon and it was glorious. It was way too nice outside to coop myself up at the computer, so I plopped a lawn chair on our stoop and binge-read (affiliate link!Being Mortal by Atul Gawande. I don't say this often, but it literally changed my life and my perspective on the world. It's all about how we process and consider death in the modern age, where medicine promises it can fix anything while knowing it really can't fix everything. I highly highly recommend it, for readers of all kinds. (I'm trying to convince David to try and read it before my ebook expires in a few days from the library.) 100% recommend.

Valentine's Day came and went last week. As a surprise, the day before - which was our 6 year anniversary of dating - the girls and I went to David's work and brought him a Starbucks, a little plant for his desk, and a homemade card. Hard to believe we've been together for that long. Luckily he was truly surprised and forgave me for the fact that the frap was pretty much melted by the time we got there.

David surprised me later that week by inviting us to go play at the playground across from his office for a little visit on Friday, but not telling me he was getting off early so we played at the playground and then went out to lunch! And then I had the most glorious 15 minutes of silence and sunshine I've had in about 6 months while he and Kate walked to get the car. And then I forgot about President's Day which he also got off, so it was an awesomely long weekend.

There's nothing like a healthy dose of Vitamin D and the beautiful weather to lift your mood, am I right? Also should I keep the theme of feet pictures for the rest of the post? hahaha.

I've been trying to get back into the swing of reading, too, spurred on by this article from Harvard Business Review. I totally get the feeling of discouraged and not like you have enough time to read during the day in long stretches, so I've just been picking up 10 or 20 minutes throughout the day in little spurts to try and get me going again. And during naps, like mentioned above, when the weather is as nice as it's been. It's made it more possible for me to feel like I can get books done even while having two little kiddos.

Another random link: my favorite little girl bows are on sale right now, for ones that grow from newborn to kindergartener-sized heads! Oh So Vera is a Lincoln, NE company so you're buying from a small business and they are very very well made. Not affiliate, I just sincerely love their bows! If I hadn't bought 4 already I would definitely be stocking up. 

An adorable pic of Cora to end this random post. Can you even believe those eyelashes? I cannot take credit for those because mine weren't nearly as long as a baby. They're even more stunning in person, and I get a little more jealous of her every day.