Cora, two months.

Cora Jane is two months old! And as beauuutiful as ever, gosh dang it. (I can say that, right? It's not too narcissistic if it's my kid, right?)

Weight: 13 lbs 4 oz at her two month appointment last week. Big girl, although we seem to just make chunkers. I'm totally okay with that, fat babies = cute babies IMO. 92% percentile, y'all.

Height: 23 1/4" long, and 88% percentile. That's why she's growing out of everything!

Firsts this month: cooing, smiling and catching everyone with her beautiful smile, holding her head up steadily, getting her fist in her mouth - almost all the way.

Nicknames: C.J., Co-Wah -- us imitating the way Kate says her name, Squishy.

Other things to note:
+ Survived her two-month shots. That look of horror on their face when they realize what's happening doesn't get any easier round two. But I managed not to cry myself this time around, so baby steps.
+ Cora is super alert and awake for a two-month-old, at least in my opinion. I mean she sleeps a lot, like babies do, but she's so happy to be interacting with anyone looking at her that she's super invested when they do.
+ She's in her own room now! We moved her at the end of January since she was getting to a consistent 2 wake ups per night, and now it's usually just one so there wasn't any need for her in our room. We are all sleeping a lot better because of it. And she's really a dream to put asleep - swaddle, sound machine, and in 2 minutes she's asleep. I know the 4 month sleep regression is on the horizon so I'm loving it while we have it.
+ Her baptism was this Sunday! David's high school chaplain came and did it for us, and our immediate families joined us for the baptism and pizza & cake after. It was a great excuse to clean the house and a really fun party.
+ She has gone from pooping every day to pooping a HUGE BLOWOUT every two days, pretty much right on schedule. It's nice not to change poopy diapers all the time but the threat of a blowout has me on edge every 48 hours. So far no outfits have been officially ruined, but it's been a necessary bath every time right after so we're lucky it has only happened when we're at home.

We love you, girlie!


  1. Kate looks SO grown up all of a sudden in that last picture!!! Wow being a big sister sure is a big deal!!! So glad Cora is sleeping so well for you!!!


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