my sunday best! vol. 1?

Kate and I spent some extra time to look cute today, and I'm *trying* to not pass out from exhaustion so I decided to blog for a bit and link up with Rosie's really cute linkup for My Sunday Best this afternoon!

Outfit details!
Dress: Old Navy, last year. MAGIC DRESS. (see below). If they bring back their swing dresses, I will buy them out this year.
Shoes: Lucky Basel Boots, Christmas present last year
Scarf: Target, old
Belt: probably also Target, I don't remember for sure, old
Hair: laziness

Kate's dress: Carter's, last year, $8 if I remember right
Kate's sweater: Gap, bought at consignment sale for $4
Kate's shoes: H&M on clearance last season, probably around $5 as they are pretty cheap feeling and I wouldn't have paid much more for them.

As mentioned above, this dress is literally magic. It's a swing dress that I have now worn pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy, and post-partum and it covers and hides all the things. I was a little worried when I put it on this morning that it would be too short with the belly pushing it out a lot, but it was somehow only like an inch shorter than normal? Aka totally acceptable because the normal length is right hitting my knee cap. It's stretchy, actually warm but not too warm when the temp changes, comfortable as heck, and very flattering. I highly recommend it - supposedly all of those Old Navy swing dresses are equally great. I am too lazy to get up off the couch and check but it's gotta be a jersey or rayon mixed with cotton, and I am definitely going to buy some more if they bring them back this year even if they're not nursing friendly, just for future years' use.

Of note this morning at Mass: Kate genuflected with perfect form between David and me entering the pew, with no prompting -- aka the cutest thing you've EVER seen. This is the second time she's ever done it, because I honestly hadn't even been thinking she could do it let alone would want to, so we haven't ever asked her before. The first time I missed it, but I made sure to watch this time around and my heart about melted out of my chest. She also then tried to genuflect coming back into the pew after Communion - equally adorable. <3

Her behavior the rest of Mass was also super stellar, and that's not sarcasm even though usually it might be - I give her an A++ for the morning, which meant she got to have jelly on her toast as a reward. (Trying to avoid donuts EVERY week, so that's the reward I came up with haha.)

We are headed to Lincoln in a little bit to work on some baby Jesus mangers for another peg doll exchange I'm doing this year, Nativity themed this time around (so excited!), and then have dinner with my family. I'd like to get some more quilting done on the baby quilt, as well as work some on my freelance project for work when we get home, but we stayed up too late last night working on baby things so I might just pass out when we get home. We will have to see. A riveting Sunday as you might have predicted!

Head over to Rosie's to find more Sunday outfit inspiration and read stories about her cute kiddos at church! :)


  1. Love love love the fall colors with the dress & scarf & booties!! I'm on the hunt for booties to wear once the baby's born and those are awfully cute :)

  2. I've seen those booties on sale on amazon. May need to take the plunge. And the dress is sooooo gorge.

  3. Super cute! I was just thinking today that I should probably get on teaching my four year old some genuflecting skills. While the swan dive bow is hilarious, it's a little less than reverent me thinks.

  4. I love your scarf! Nothing better than scarf weather :)

  5. Those magic dresses are worth their weight in gold! :)


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