7QT #54: fall walks, zoo trip, & Poldark

Another week, another random conglom (I'm going to start saying that in regular conversation) of useless facts about Hannah. What say you, friends?

Last weekend we had some dear friends of ours come visit from Iowa. We seem to have this deal going on where we visit them or they visit us about every 6 months, which works out really nicely if we manage to schedule it in time. Although now that I say that, I think we missed the visit this last spring because the last time we saw them was for our godson's baptism a year ago...hmm. Anyways, our goal is every 6 months and we made it happen last weekend!

They came for just a weekend, full of a visit to the zoo (our first since living in Omaha!), a Husker game, and a lot of good chats and toddler craziness. It was a blast and now every day since leaving, Kate's asked me where Cecilia (their little girl 3 weeks younger than Kate) is, and when she is coming back. Parting is such sweet sorrow, even for toddlers.

This week, therefore, has been a little dragging without the excitement of said weekend. I've been spending a few evenings here and there working on an extra freelance project, which I took on mostly to build up some extra moolah before maternity leave gets here -- because when you're self-employed, maternity leaves just means not working and therefore not getting paid. Not so fun.

I think the Starbucks I go to is still stuck in summer mode, though, because no matter where I sit, guaranteed about 10 minutes in I feel the AC kick on and get really cold. So even though it's been still relatively nice here (70 or so highs this week), I have been bundling up to go there like an old lady with jeans and a long-sleeve or sweater and a scarf.

I've also been ordering hot decaf tea because free refills with my Gold Star member status, and I can't drink caffeine past 6 p.m. or I'm up all night. I really am getting old, aren't I?

Some links:
// Theresa's got a new blog and it's adorable and you should totally go check it out. I think she might even inspire me to make myself a salad for lunch one of these days. (Yesterday I had the very fancy toasted peanut butter & jelly so...I could probably use some improvement in that area.)

// This article about what it actually means to waste your vote. I don't go political here because I get too rage-y but this article is great at proving that, mathematically speaking, you're welcome to vote for whomever you please and don't listen to people who tell you otherwise.

// A two for one day about political things: a greatly researched article from someone with actual experience about the Supreme Court issue that seems to be plaguing so many people about the election.

// In much more fun news, the new teaser trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 made me really excited. I will always watch Chris Pratt in pretty much anything, and this looks promising as usual.

In an attempt to keep somewhat active in the last few months of pregnancy, and an effort to not waste the nice weather we've been having, Kate and Murph and I have been getting into the habit of a daily walk between nap time and when David gets home from work. Most days it involves a lot of scolding Murph for pulling on the leash and Kate demanding that I get the leaves she finds on the ground "because dey so pwetty, Mama!!" but it's still nice.

snacks and juice are a daily must as well
The hills around our neighborhood give me Braxton-Hicks every so often, and I'm usually beat by the end, but it's a nice way to get out of the house and get to know our new place a little better, as well as the best way to see all the beautiful fall colors before they disappear.

My newest obsession?

image via PBS
Guys. Why, oh why, did it take me so long to start this show? I knew it wouldn't be bad but I didn't expect to love it as much as I have. After my somewhat disappointment with Gotham (which I tried, and just thought the characters/villains etc. are a tad overdone and over-dramatic), I was thinking I wouldn't find a new show to love anytime soon. And then I started Poldark. If you haven't yet and you like historical dramas, this is right up your alley, I promise.

I'm also excited to watch The Crown, eventually. What else should be next? I have a feeling I'll burn through the available episodes much too quickly of both of those.

My most recent pregnancy weirdness? Craving chocolate pudding, which I haven't even LIKED in approximately 15 years, let alone voluntarily bought and eaten, as well as being obsessed with this Mrs. Meyers Apple Hand Soap to the point of washing my hands probably more than necessary just so I can smell it throughout the day. (Bonus is that it doesn't seem to dry out my hands like most hand soap does, so that's nice!)

Growing a baby does some weird stuff to you.

As prep for baby #2, sometime in the next few weeks my mom and sisters and I are going to get together and batch prep a bunch of freezer meals so I'm not completely reliant upon frozen pizza and mac and cheese after baby gets here...because nothing says weight loss like frozen pizza, right? We're going to prep some Trim Healthy Mama crockpot meals and casseroles, as well as hopefully a few breakfast things to tide me over at least until the newborn fog lifts.

I'm definitely including this awesome recipe for broccoli soup, at the very least. So good if you're in the mood for something quick & easy - I don't even really follow the directions, I just dump everything in a crockpot and set it on low for like 6 hours and it's still perfect! Top with bacon if you so desire (I always do).

I didn't do anything like this for Kate so I'm hoping it will help us transition into two kiddos a little easier. If you've done this batch cooking thing before, any tips? I plan to buy disposable casserole pans, organize our deep freeze, and label everything as clearly as I can but I am up for any other pointers you might have. Or if you've got any THM recipes that I need to include in my rotation, hit me up!

Check out Kelly's for more quick takers this week. Happy weekend-ing!


  1. My husband and I love Poldark! Glad to find another fan. :)
    And thanks for the links. I loved the line in the second article...to paraphrase: the founding fathers didn't envision a system where voters are perpetually voting for the lesser of two evils. I wonder what would happen if EVERYONE really just voted for who they thought would lead the country best? (What a radical idea, I know! ;)

  2. This is Marian. I am a huge fan of freezer meals. I always keep freezer meals for breakfast and lunch in our freezer and have done a month of freezer meals before Damien was born and when we moved. I actually prefer freezing casseroles in gallon Ziploc bags to casserole pans because they are cheaper, take up less room in the freezer, and thaw faster. Also, it's really easy to put the reheating instructions right on the bag. Lately I've been freezing soups, pasta sauces, and other meals that are reheated on the stove in muffin tins and then popping them out and putting them in Ziploc bags. That way I can quickly grab the exact amount we need for a specific meal without having to thaw extra. Plus I can get away with forgetting to thaw them if I realize I need a meal in a hurry. Good luck with your meals!

  3. Thanks for the link love!! Is Poldark on Netflix? I just haven't been into TV at all lately!


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