Kate's big girl room

I've been slowly chipping away at little refresh for Kate's big girl room, since soon enough baby is going to occupy all our time/energy and I wanted to give her a little bit of space that was all her own. Her reactions to everything have been SO cute, especially the lights on the wall - she was standing there with her mouth agape, watching me put them up, repeating "Mama, so PRETTY! SO PRETTY!" every time I adjusted them.

As you can tell, I wouldn't qualify it as "finished" mostly because we haven't bought window coverings that are dark enough to keep her asleep, so we're still rocking the "blankets over the curtains that came with the house" look. Classy is our middle name.

(I had to distract her with a cup of goldfish and an episode of Daniel Tiger to get her room this clean and then take pictures of it. #worthit)

Her bed is from Walmart, bedding from Target (I can't seem to find it anymore online), light string on sale at Target, two decorative pillows also from Target...yes, a themed room around "Target." ;) The map on the wall is one I got as a hand-me-down from my parents when I was little, and I got a custom frame made for it at Hobby Lobby because it was the cheapest option for something that was such a weird size. Rug from At Home.

The rest of the room is old stuff or hand-me-downs - the chair from her grandparents, side table from an antique store, the dresser from a neighbor of David's in Columbus, and the mirror above her dresser was on the side of the road in Lincoln awhile ago.

I have plans to refinish the dresser or paint it - chalk paint, probably! - and add some new drawer pulls. This room is also one that needs a new color on the wall, because this greige is driving me nuts and I'm itching to paint every single room in our house because of it.

She is seriously enamored of these lights, way more than I ever could have anticipated. She asks me to turn them on first thing every morning when we are picking out her clothes to wear. For $7 on clearance, definitely an investment worthwhile.

The door to the room is just to the left of the edge of this picture. We got some picture shelves at IKEA to hang up there, and then the other side of the room is a big sliding-door-closet so nothing fancy there. I'd like to find another big graphic print to put up, or make one of my own if I get crafty after the baby's born. So still a ways to go!

Oh, and these are only 5 of the usually 10-12 animals she haaaas to sleep with every single nap and nighttime. There are usually so many there's hardly room for her on the pillow. Toddlers, man.

What room color would you suggest goes best with what we have already? I'm even thinking a very basic warm white would be better than this, or maybe a yellow -- but  yellows seem really difficult to pick out, so I'm nervous to try that. I want something at least a little gender neutral because I'm guessing she will be sharing this room sometime in the future, so we can't go too far in one direction.

Also, if you've got recommendations for a window solution that accommodates a really narrow ledge, I'm all ears. All the windows in this house have about 1 1/4" between the glass and the edge of the window frame, which is smaller than our old house, aka those faux wood blinds we used in the last house don't work, so we've been indecisive about buying anything because of it. I'm worried we will have to settle for shades, which just look so bad from the outside, but they're about the only solution I have come up with that blocks enough light and doesn't cost an arm and a leg (and aren't curtains. I am over curtains.). Help me out if you've discovered the same issue and have ideas for me!

More house project updates to come soon...the basement and the garage, primarily...get excited!


  1. I love the cellular shades from Home depot (http://www.homedepot.com/p/Home-Decorators-Collection-Cut-to-Width-Shadow-White-9-16-in-Cordless-Blackout-Cellular-Shade-72-in-W-x-72-in-L-10793478634583/204500075) They are dark enough for my son and don't take up much space. Also - no cords :)

    1. Ah, I wish those would work! We have those in our master from the previous owner, and they are still too big for this crazy shallow space we have in our windows - they overhang by about half of the mounting equipment, which means there's a huge gap of light that comes in on the sides. Unfortunate too because they are one of the few recommended by anything online for shallow windows! I do love the no-cord feature, though. :)

  2. Ahh, I've seen these beds before and I swoon. Too bad that my little guy NEEDS a side rail. He's already fallen out of his toddler bed a couple of times. -__-

  3. All the heart eye emojis for that bed!! Oh my gosh. Seriously considering asking the grandparents for that bed for my daughter's Christmas present. She is currently in her crib with the side rail gone, while the 5 month old is in a pack n play with a comfy mattress. He'll need his own space soon!

    1. I am so glad we got it - for the price, it was exactly the look we were going for and a pretty decent deal! But a fair warning, it does come in approximately 8 million pieces so it's not a quick project to put together. Then again, we were assembling it the first night in our new house when the power went out halfway through the process, so relying on flashlights and our phones for the second half of the process probably slowed us down. ;)

  4. LOVE! <3

    A light mint color would look lovely with all that's currently in there! But I'm also obsessed with mint currently, so feel free to ignore. :P The white that you mentioned would look lovely too! You could bring in pops of color with your chalk painted dresser and more wall art. Decisions, decisions!

  5. How about a light celery green color? There used to be a fantastic color called bok choy...can't remember the brand but we had it color matched and used it in our old house. It's happy and bright.


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