32 weeks

Hard to believe how fast it is flying by! Especially since my last update was 19 weeks and the belly has grown considerably since then. 

How far along? 32 weeks exactly this morning. Only 8 to go!
Weight gain? About 10 lbs, considerably better than last time around but I'm still feeling the effects of carrying the extra weight around, mostly in hip/joint pain and bumping into things.
Clothing? 99% maternity, 1% gym shorts/sweatpants that I'm settling comfortably belowww the bump. I'm getting to the stage where some of my maternity shirts aren't long enough, also - downfalls of being a pregnant lady with a very long torso. The girl at Buffalo Wild Wings literally gasped when she saw my belly and said, "You're carrying SO LOW! How far along are you?" and then I had to tell her only 32 weeks, I just have a long torso and carry low in general. 
Sleep? Getting up at least twice every night to pee. Tossing and turning and having to readjust my support pillows multiple times. But in between those I'm sleeping like a freaking rock - I wake up dazed & disoriented every morning, like I basically passed out. 
Best moment of this week? Yeahhh, I don't do these every week so...not sure. David's birthday was this weekend and that was lots of fun!
Worst moment of this week? ...pretty good overall, I don't have any complaints!
Miss anything? Wearing normal clothes, sleeping on my stomach.
Movement? This baby is SO different from Kate in terms of movement. They are a lot more stubborn and multiple times in the last few weeks have been pressing super hard, and what feels like on purpose, in one spot enough to make it sore. David and I agreed that we don't remember Kate being like that at all.
Symptoms? Tired. Cranky occasionally. Back pain. The usj.
Food cravings? Nothing recently, except anything that doesn't involve me cooking!
Gender? My guess right now is boy, because I am having a lot easier time coming up with names I like for girls, where the opposite happened with Kate. But it's switched multiple times so I'm sure it'll switch again.
Labor signs? I think I'm getting very slight Braxton-Hicks when I go on walks with Murphy and we go up a bunch of hills - but that's it, and they're small enough I'm not even sure that's what they are. We got plenty o'time for that.

I'm trying to offer up all the discomforts of these last months of pregnancy for anyone struggling to get pregnant or maintain a pregnancy. I know being largely pregnant is not a ball of cheer, by any means, but I'd take it any day over those crosses. So if I know you (or even if I don't!), and you're struggling to get pregnant or know someone who is, you are in my prayer intentions and suffering intentions. 

Please excuse our tired faces - this was after two late nights in a row post-Sunday morning Mass, right when the nap bug hits. But we had to take a picture to commemorate David's 26th birthday! Later I will have a post on what we worked on the whole weekend, as well as his birthday present - it involves cleaning the garage - but I don't have the energy to work through all that today. (Honesty.)

We still have lots to do to prep for baby, but I'm trying to remember that we really do have most of what we need and baby will be okay with whatever is done or not done...because they won't have any idea cause they're a tiny baby. :)


  1. Fist bumps in solidarity, mama! I can relate to so much of this and jealous of your 10lb weight gain! I'm coming in at around 18 right now, which is actually a HUGE improvement for me (I tend to pack on around 40 each time, hah!)...hoping I can keep it in check until the end :)

    1. Last time I was above 40 too, apparently my body just does whatever it wants because I certainly haven't been doing much different this time around! :)

  2. Ohhh that red dress is cuuuuute! Where's it from?

    1. A Pea in the Pod! I ended up buying the black version of the red one but I kinda wanna go back and buy the red too. SO comfy and it even has a built-in shelf bra which I didn't know I would love in a dress but I do.


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