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All the craziness of the last few weeks (months, really) are finally slowing down and we're settled into our new house in Omaha. Well, mostly settled - there are plenty of boxes left to unpack but it feels more and more like home the more we do.

David's sister got married this past Saturday, so we were busy prepping & celebrating & getting very little sleep, and it was a week full of family and fun but it's nice to be returning to normal. Some of us are having a harder time adjusting to normal than others ((if you follow me on Snapchat, you know what I'm talking about: h.gokie))...oh well. I've been coping with a lot of caffeine and random dance parties to end the crying.

Poor Kitty has had a little bit of a hard time with the new house. She's very happy to be around all her toys again, and have her furniture and things all around, but in the last 24 hours she managed to injure herself 3 separate times, all reducing her to tears. The first time, she fell down the stairs to the basement and ended up with a scrape on her head that bled slightly. Injury #2 involved running through the laundry room with most of the lights off and her tripping on a drain cord (we think), which involved a VERY bloody mouth and lots & lots of tears, as well as a swollen lip. Then to cap yesterday off, she ran smack dab into the lower part of our counter right before bed and got a welt on her forehead.

Add on top of that the fact that we transitioned her to a big-girl bed instead of putting her back in a crib after the move and it's been a momentous 48 hours here. Luckily she has done seriously amazingly with moving to a big girl bed, as in last night was the first night with it and she only woke up once around midnight having gotten out of her bed, and just went down super easily for a nap... I'm totally jinxing it but I'm very proud of how well she's doing and also so so sad at the thought of how big she's getting.

I bought her one of those night-time toddler clocks to tell her when it's okay to get up, but when David went to crack the door open this morning she was standing right by the door already. So I don't know exactly when she woke up but it had been silent up until then so I think not very long. I'm first-time-mom-nervous about her accidentally locking herself in her room (since we have those 60's push lock doorknobs at the new place), but so far so good.

Once we get a little more unpacked & moved in, there will be a house tour for you ardent readers, but that might be a little bit coming as I'm not in too much of a rush to get things done. Instead I will leave you with pictures from the wedding this weekend in a photo dump like I do.

She fell asleep on me for the first time in at least 6 months at the reception. Two late nights in a row made it happen.

Did you know you can buy/pay for Snapchat filters? It was one of our gifts to the bride & groom. :)
Tata for now!


  1. Oh man, toddlers in a new house can be such a rough transition! Especially when you're not done unpacking and there are boxes everywhere that add a ton of stress :( Hope things get easier soon!


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