7QT #52: basement blogging, furniture, & links

This might possibly the longest I've ever gone without writing a quick takes post. That's what you get when you move and have two family weddings, I suppose! Linking up with Kelly to try and get my butt back in regular-blogging-gear.

First, in case you're curious about things like that (I always am!), here's where I'm blogging from nowadays.

Our messy basement!
It's a huge step up from having my computer in our bedroom at the old house on a child-sized desk, even though right now I'm housed at our extra kitchen table and, as you can probably see, it's already covered with junk. But I have room to spread out and I can access all my paper supplies so I'm happy!

I'm in the market for a new desk eventually but I'm super picky -- a long time ago at the old house, we refinished a $15 old wooden desk but it won't fit down the stairs here, so I have high standards and really like certain looks and also, I've never felt a sturdier desk than the one I had. I like sturdy when there's a toddler and a huge filled-with-energy-puppy banging around and climbing around my feet.

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As we've been running around like chickens with our collective heads chopped off in the last two months, I haven't read a single book since our vacation back at the beginning of May. {wide-eyed emoji. I know.}

That being said, I'm hoping to jump back in with something great. Grace as always alerted me to the new Liane Moriarty coming out, so I'm excited for that one. I also bought the new Harry Potter play/script/what-have-you at Target the other day but I'm super nervous to crack it open in fear it'll ruin Potterverse for me. Calm my fears if you've read it, can you? Or should I just jump in anyway? Let's be honest, I won't NOT read it...

I've also heard The Awakening of Miss Prim is this summer's hot read - which probably means there's a hold list a mile long for it at the library. What else should be on my Goodreads queue?

New house means lots of demand (or as David would say, NOT DEMAND HANNAH, NOT DEMAND) for new furniture and house accoutrements. My birthday present this year was the promise of future new furniture and things for our then-yet-unpurchased-house, so I've been shopping around for a little bit.

So far I've bought the above-pictured new bed and headboard from Joss & Main, because ours is the one that came with my bed that my sister and I got new when I was 8 years old. And it was showing its age. I also got a bigger rug for our living room (complete with rug pad, totally not always necessary but I'll never go back to having a rug without a rug pad).

Oh, and we're in the market for a new car - went on some test drives the other day, still trying to narrow down our options and what we really want. Dollar signs are flying around everywhere, y'all.

Kate has continued her streak of being injury-prone in the new house. Yesterday alone she re-cut open the inside upper lip she split the other day, bumped her head on the bed frame, ran into the corner of the wall, and tripped on the slippery floor about 20 times in the span of 2 hours. Apparently the words "be careful!" have lost their meaning.

Luckily she's doing still pretty well with the big girl bed situation, although there have been some night wakings & early morning wakings - but all in all, the going-to-bed-and-staying-asleep thing hasn't been difficult at all.

Living in a different city for the first time in my life has been a weird adjustment. Luckily I already know where the closest Target is and Targets are the same everywhere (thank the Lord). I discovered to my great chagrin that I'm in some sort of food delivery no-fly zone, where nothing I've found so far delivers food to our house. Including Jimmy John's.

This is a great tragedy to my Jimmy John's craving-filled pregnant stomach. I had a little bit of an emotional breakdown about it the other day but I'm slowly recovering. (Not that I get delivered food to our house very often, but it's always nice to know as a backup.)

Other than that, it hasn't quite sunk in that we don't live in Lincoln anymore. I'm sure it will be awhile before I'm totally adjusted.

Things I'm listening to or reading recently:

James Corden on NPR Fresh Air -- I love James Corden SO MUCH, even from back when all I knew him from was Doctor Who.

Punch Brothers: Forgotten.

Major Lazer feat Justin Bieber: Cold Water.

Tweets about marriage - super funny.

As always, Sharleen Joynt's Bachelor recaps.

One more cute photo from the first flower-girl-wedding to sign off with.

Aren't they just the cutest??? Gosh, my heart just melts. :)

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  1. Where did you get your little girl's bedspread at? I love it!

    1. Target! :) It's the Pillowfort line and surprisingly super super soft and reasonably priced, too. I got it online but they sell them in stores, too.


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