Settling in

Things are getting to a new somewhat normal around here, and it's starting to feel tiny and tiny bits more like home in a new city.

Mad props to people who either move all the time or who move much longer distances than we did -- I'm having a hard enough time with the transition when really not much has changed and I don't know how y'all do it. Luckily Targets everywhere are the same and there's nothing too much else drastic between the 2nd largest and the largest cities in Nebraska.


Luckily this cute girl is still doing well with all the changes so that helps a lot.

We did accidentally take an hour long walk the other day when I took a few wrong turns and ended up faaaarrrrr in the opposite direction of where I meant to go, but we all made it home okay and Murph was super tired out so it wasn't all bad. (I had my phone the whole time so I was never like, LOST lost but I had more faith in my directional sense than it seemed I actually had. Whoops.)


We -- and by we I mean I channeled my inner Blythe and Kate and I picked it up during the day sans David -- scored this desk/cabinet/drawer thingy on Craigslist today and I am super proud of it. Being 6 months pregnant and all, I was hesitant I could get half of it out of the car by myself (because it comes in two pieces and only one fit in at a time) but I did and I felt like superwoman.

It's in the baby's room right now, chilling there until I convince David to either let me put it in the living room for a storage/TV cabinet situation or we find someone to help us move it downstairs and I'll use it as part of my office/craft storage. (Which I am heavily in the midst of researching on Pinterest right now, I'm thinking something like this for a desk is what I want?)

I had just enough muscle to get it in the house with him, although the belly was so in the way that I about dropped it more than once. We're at the very tail end of me being able to do lifting/heavy things (much longer than most things say you should lift, but c'est la vie) so I told David he better take advantage of it while he can.


I finally convinced David to escape the political reality we're living in and dive into The West Wing and I think this time (the second or third time around) it's really sticking. We're almost through season one and I fall more and more in love with it every time I watch it. Donna and Josh, the hilarity that is CJ...I could go on and on. Watch it if you haven't. (On Netflix. #obviously)


Welp there's enough nonsense for you all in one post. Peace all.