Baby #2 wishlist

Now that we're getting a little more settled in the new house, my brain's had time to think about other things besides the never-ending list of adult things you have to do when you move. (Why so much paperwork? Why is it such a pain in the butt to change your address every-freaking-where? But I digress.)

In the last few weeks I've also been feeling more and more pregnant - belly getting bigger, random aches and pains popping up, getting really tired way earlier than it seems like I should, being moody and crying at the drop of a hat -- you name it. That means I'm remembering to think about baby #2 more often, which is not at all a bad thing! And I'm realizing we have some gaps in what we need for baby and there are a few additional things I'd like to replace in our baby swag collection.

Not all of these are "needs" which is why I titled it a wishlist, but there are definitely a few we can't do without: a bassinet of some kind being the highest on the list, as the one we used for Kate was a hand-me-down antique that broke in storage in our house at some point.

Onto the deets!
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1. babyletto Bowery Bassinet, $99

So far out of the MILLION options of baby bassinets, this one seems to fit my requirements the best and be the cheapest out of those options. The one we had with Kate didn't really move at all, which I think helped her transition to a crib easier (at least, that's what I tell myself) so I want something similar. (Heard too many horror stories of babies getting addicted to those rock & plays!) This one is high off the ground, simple-looking, and not too crazy price-wise. I'd prefer if it weren't dark-colored but I might just have to accept that. :)

2. Spectra S2 Pump, $125 (or $400 if you go by my insurance claim...?)

Last time we had a baby, I was still on my parents' insurance and they were grandfathered in to universal health care, which meant even after hours and hours on the phone with 25 insurance people, I didn't get a pump covered. I didn't really *need* an electric one, working from home, so I made do with the $25 manual one from Target. This time around we're on David's insurance and I already got this Spectra pump in advance! I read tons of reviews and polls about what to get, and this seemed to top the Medela by a tiny margin, so I went with it. Hopefully it will make date nights and overnight trips a little more manageable - we basically didn't leave Kate til she was sleeping through the night because I didn't have a pump and she never learned to take a bottle.

3.  Savannah Southwestern Rug, $375

We need a bigger rug for the nursery, and I'm set on going with a southwestern Pendleton-patterned style. This one is way more than I would spend on a rug, even an 8x10 rug, but if I'm going with "wishlist" I have to put what I really want, right? It's from RugsUSA and currently is my top favorite, but I'm hunting the internet for a suitable cheaper replacement. This red one ($90) from Wayfair and this other more navy-colored one ($160) are my top contenders. Or I like this Kilim rug ($120) from Overstock, too.

Convincing David that we can pull off a rug like this is a whole other story. Husbands. We can totally do this type of thing, right?

source: Google
(We already have the neutral-colored furniture - white crib, white dresser, birch colored rocker.)

4. Chicco Baby Rocker Modmint, $60

We have a baby rocker that Kate really loved but it has two problems: it's really baby-looking, which I hated at the time we picked it but couldn't find another one sort of in our price range to replace it with, and the legs underneath stick out SO far but are basically hidden so you end up tripping on it a thousand times walking around it. (Seriously, I stubbed my toes so many times in the few months we used it last time that I swore I'd try to replace it when/if we had baby #2. It was a painful time. Plus with a toddler running around, I'm even more afraid to put a hazard like that around.) This Chicco one is super cute and modern-looking but not $300 like most of the other ones I've fallen in love with. #expensivetaste. I'm a fan!

5. Fox Boppy Cover, $27

The one I've linked to/pictured is an Etsy find, but I'm hoping to find some really cute fox or animal fabric somewhere and whip one up myself. I have my old one and tons of tutorials on Pinterest to light my way, so it's just a matter of prioritizing it or having enough time before baby gets here to actually get it done. Crossing my fingers it happens!


There are few other things I'd add to this list, but are less important: a glider, if we can find a decently-priced one, painting the nursery walls or replacing them - you'll see on the house tour coming soon but they're just painted paneling right now, curtains or window coverings of some sort, and of course the quilt I have yet to plan or start on...oops.

Moms of more than one, what else am I missing? In the meantime I'll be scouring the internet for more deals and more things to add to my list. <3


  1. My older boys did fine transitioning to the crib from the rock'n'play FYI ;) but I can understand wanting to avoid that. I love that bassinet!

    My biggest thing I needed this time around was nursing bras, because I could never find decent ones at an affordable price! I finally found some on amazon though that I love.

    1. Ooo, good point! I hadn't even thought that far in advance...haha! I basically lived in sleeping nursing bras last time because nothing else I tried was comfortable or fit correctly.

  2. I had the same fear/hesitation with the Rock N Play. I would ONLY use it when it was daylight. #wiggydiggy always slept in the pack n play next to me, or in his crib. I didn't want him to expect to be rocked all night long! Unfortunately (for me), now he doesn't like being rocked after reading books and before being put down :(

    1. That's how we tried to treat Kate's rocker - only when she was still pretty little and during the daytime. I'm intrigued to hear you say he didn't like rocking to sleep because Kate never has either, and I've always wondered if that was why!

  3. Baby #2! So exciting. I haven't found too many things that I've needed that I didn't already have with my first. I ordered nursing bras online at H&M that were really cheap and work well. We also wanted a bassinet this time around because we used the pack and play last time and I hated it. Michael built a cradle and we absolutely love it. I like the fact that it has the ability to rock, but I think that's a personal preference. The only other suggestion I have for now is having a seat of some sort that you can put baby in while he/she is little to keep baby out of reach of big sister. ;) You don't want to get in a mini "tug-of-war" over baby with your toddler. (I may or may not be speaking from experience.)<3 Praying for you!
    -Bridget H.


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