Walking (in) sunshine

Have I already titled a post with a "Walking on Sunshine" pun? It seems familiar now that I've written it out but could be mom brain just messing me up.

The weather yesterday and today has been glorious. 45° and sunny.
45-50° in January in Nebraska is nothing to sneeze at - and is really nothing short of a miracle.

Especially since last week we had a day where the high was 4°. Fahrenheit. (I'm not sure it actually even made it up to that number...probably not.)

So Kate and I have been getting in some LISS (for all you non-BBG girls, low intensity steady state exercise) and taking some walks.

gosh my wrist looks fat in this picture...what the hell, watches???
I'm trying to soak it up as much as I can because tomorrow is turning cold again (forecast for a low Saturday night of -2° so that's super fun) and I want to get as much vitamin D on my skin while I can stand to be outside for more than 2 seconds at a time.

I have a feeling not a lot of those days are in our immediate future, either, so I need to remind Kate of what it's like to be outside while I get the chance. Oh, the beauty of Nebraska living.

Also we took my current favorite picture together yesterday so I here's my blog-post-about-nothing excuse to post it:

I turned the camera towards us, said "say cheese!" and she gave me this gem of a toothy sideways grin. Gosh I love her a lot sometimes.

This sunglasses one isn't half bad, either.

I hope your Thursday was warm and sunny and full of sassy toddler-ness if it could be!


  1. And I HATE 40 degree temperatures...worse than 20s or 30s! But um yeah, I think I'll take our weather over yours. :-p


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