A photo dump post

Naptime yesterday had a beautiful color scheme. It has NOTHING to do with the fact that I happen to sort laundry by colors (like we adults do) and that I like cran-raspberry LaCroix. NOTHING.

Started this gem of a book last night. So far I'm intrigued...who wouldn't like something by Aziz? Even though I'm probably not the intended target, I still like it.

My Christmas present to myself was these Lucky boots. I've only worn them once and I already am in love with them. So comfy, so neutrally perfect, so useful. Especially since my only other booties are green (not super neutral) and dress-up black.

She likes to lounge around with me on the couch, but if I dare to pull my phone out she needs a selfie STAT. Usually I happily oblige. :)

A little sneak peak of what I've been quilting lately. I started with a pattern drawn up and that was like 2 months ago...so obviously I lost it and I'm kind of winging it from here. Hopefully it turns out okay.

Picture of today's meltdown. Sometimes it's hard to explain to an almost two year old that you do, indeed, have to work at your job sometimes instead of read her every book she wants exactly when she wants it.

Logic + toddlers not understanding = craziness ensuing.

Luckily she got over it quickly and is now voluntarily spinning around right next to my desk, making herself dizzy on purpose until she falls over laughing. (So I decided to type this blog post while she's still happy.)

(She'll probably see this picture, remember how upset she was, and demand a book. Guess I don't have a good excuse for not reading to her now.)

How's your Wednesday?


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