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Life lately has been...good. Nothing out of the ordinary, nothing too exciting, just good.

Kate has been alternating really really cute days with really really hellish days. We went to a wedding on Saturday, and boy was it just a complete disaster. She fell asleep for her one nap of the day for 45 minutes on the way there, and then screamed through the wedding, screamed while we tried to drive around and put her to sleep in the break between wedding and reception, screamed EXTRA loud during the prayer before meals at the reception...you get the picture. It was a nice, healthy dose of humility for David and me, at the very least. She's sometimes really great at public events and sometimes really horrible, and you never know which one you're going to get until the event has already started and it's too late to back out or find a babysitter last-minute.

David and I have so far avoided the craze that is Making a Murderer on Netflix...mostly because I'm forcing him to rewatch Once Upon a Time with me and I like to not get distracted when I'm making him enjoy something that I've already seen. ;) No but in reality it sounds fascinating and all, but I'm wondering how it could beat Serial season 1 (I'm listening to season 2 right now), because I honestly don't think it can.

The lottery (as you've probably heard) is expected to be over $1.3 billion dollars by the time they draw the next winners so I had David cash in some gifted lottery tickets from last-last Christmas and buy a few for ourselves -- the first lottery tickets we've ever bought, by the way, so I think that gives us beginner's luck, right? (Well, I bought two scratch tickets after my 19th birthday but I don't count that.) I have big plans for the money including paying off debts (so adult and exciting), a second car for us all and a fun car like a Tesla (I'm pretty much for anything Elon Musk has to offer), and a mall trip or two. With plenty leftover for charitable giving and gifts for family and friends.

I finished knitting my first newborn hat and I'm worried that I either goofed up the gauge really badly or I just have zero memory of what a baby's head looks like. I'm thinking it's the first but hoping it's the second. Next up is a headband for Kate, because hello frigid temperatures, and maybe some more work on the blanket I started years ago (literally years ago, I think I started it in December of 2014. Or maybe even before, I don't remember.)

Oh, and I got to try my new sewing machine finally yesterday! There are a bunch of crazy stitches and it doesn't sound like it's going to clunk 5 times and die every time you turn it on, so that's super exciting. Plus it has options for free motion quilting which I'm very excited for! #oldlady

As a break, I'm off to read some Dance with Dragons and then start week 2 of BBG while Kate naps (if I can tear myself away from Westeros, that is). Not too shabby for a Monday, right?


  1. Scott and I are about 7 episodes deep in Making a Murderer. I like the change of pace to watch something non-fiction, and it definitely will make you think! (And... also be glad that your IQ is not 70.)

    1. I think we could use the same change! We burned through the newest season of New Girl that they just released last week, so David wants to start Making a Murderer this weekend. I'll let you know how it goes. :)

  2. a new sewing machine!! SO exciting!! Kate sounds like a pretty typical little nearly 2 year old, thats about her age, right? right? am I crazy and did I miss her 2nd birthday... I cant barely keep track of my own kids ages so take it with a grain of salt.
    I totally hope you win the powerballl!

    1. Amy...it is life-changing, how amazing this sewing machine is. I can't believe it took me this long to ask for a new one! If I would have known the difference, I would have asked a LONG time ago. :) Kate will be 2 in May so no you didn't miss it! Although some days it feels like she's already a three-nager...


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