This is 17 months.

It's been awhile since I wrote a good old-fashioned baby update post - I mean, toddler update post because Kate's lost her last little bits of baby recently. It's hard to watch her grow up so fast! Such a tired and old cliché but it's a cliché because it's darn true.

So, how about some details? 

Weight: Kate likes to start every morning by jumping on the scale to track her growth. You think I'm kidding, but I'm not - seriously, she hangs out on the scale we have in our bedroom quite a lot. Right now she's at 24.5 lbs, which puts her solidly in the 50-75% percentile range. 

Height: Umm, too squirmy to calculate? I thought about getting up from typing this post to go measure her but then got too lazy. I'll measure her eventually. I think she was around 33 inches at her last doctor's appointment?

Firsts this month: Nothing too exciting. Got her to use a fork for the first time the other day - mostly our fault for not introducing her to it earlier! More words, more personality, more everything, really.

Nicknames: Crazy girl, Kitty

She's saying a lot more and more, so I took some time to write down her current "vocabulary":
Ba buh - bye bye
Zzzzzz - nose
Mehhh - mouth
Ah da! - all done
Ma Ma (with a big gap in between each syllable): mama
Dada - dada
Pupu - puppy
Bah-bah - baby
Yaya - Lola, her stuffed bunny
Baba - blueberries, grapes, anything small and round
Bah - ball
Bahhh - bra (don't ask me why this is one of the words she knows)
Beh beh - belly button
Uh uh - uh oh!
Eeee - ears
Essat? - What's that?
Uuu? - Up?
Nodding yes, shaking no are pretty consistent.
She can also say all the animal noises (or close to them, anyway) for: puppy, kitten, cow, duck, birdie, fish...and some more, I can't remember them right now.
She's always full of energy; snarky when she doesn't nap or is teething; loves to show off around strangers; spins in circles just to make me and David laugh; loves napping with as many stuffed animals as I'll let her have; is sweet and funny and totally her own individual person.

We love her tons more and more every day. Parenting is still hard and challenging like it was when she was a baby, but in a totally different way...and we're not even to the point where she can really give her opinion. Gulp.

Sweet girl: keep growing up and we'll keep laughing with you (and sometimes at you, I'll admit it).
your mama and dada


  1. aw she is so cute!!! 17 months already... gosh oh gee! Time flies... looks like you are doing a good job with that little one! and it totally makes sense to me that bra is one of the words she knows... oh parenthood!


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