Rosary confession time

True life? I'm terrible about praying the rosary on a consistent basis.

I was a lot better about it during college - when I had free and scheduled prayer time, oh man, I miss those days! - I'd show up to daily Mass 20 minutes early and squeeze one in. Maybe 12 minutes if I really rushed through it.

I even led our pre-Mass rosary a few times at the Newman Center, which was nerve-wracking and sometimes I got halfway through the Apostles' Creed and realized I had literally no idea what the second half of it was. (Please tell me it's not just me that gets them all confused when under pressure?)

Nowadays my primary rosary time is while falling asleep. Especially when my (thryoid-induced and/or caffeine-induced) insomnia rears its head. I think maybe once in my life I've gotten through a complete rosary while lying in bed? But most of the time it's a great and prayerful sleep aid. ;) Luckily my guardian angel keeps finishing them for me because otherwise I'd be in big trouble.

Anyway! Long embarrassing preamble to say that Peanut Butter & Grace Publishers contacted me a few weeks ago, asking if I'd like to review one of their books. I clicked over to their website and saw these beeeautiful pray-along books for each of the Mysteries of the Rosary, called their Illuminated Rosary series.

If these don't get my butt in gear to pray the rosary on a more consistent basis I don't know what will! I picked the Sorrowful Mysteries book because I just love the Sorrowful Mysteries - always have, always will. These books have everything you'd want in a pray-along book -- the prayers on each page, a beautiful painting or depiction on the following page, and the exact right number so that the whole book is an entire rosary.

The art in them is really incredible and very diverse, too, from all sorts of places but all relating to the mystery you're praying with.

If you're looking for a great religious Christmas gift, I highly recommend these - they're something simple but can be used so easily to instill a love of the rosary. I'm hoping to use them with Kate here soon, and I know the pictures will be helpful for concentration and the words so we can help her learn the prayers more quickly!

Head on over to PB& to check out the rest of their selection!

I received this book from PB&Grace Publishers to review for free, but all opinions are my own. Thanks! 


  1. Apostles Creed vs. Nicene Creed vs. Old Translation vs. New Translation. My brain doesn't stand a chance. Usually I just pray a mashup of all of the above and hope that Mary gets the gist ;) lol

  2. Oh my gosh! Thanks for posting this because you know what . . . it's a perfect Christmas gift! LOVE!


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