Halloween recap

Well, if you follow me on the 'gram or on Facebook, you already saw this  -- but I can't help but also brag a little bit about our rather-impromptu but still awesome Parks and Rec costume for Halloween this year...

In case you don't watch one of the world's funniest TV series ever (ever! start watching it now if you haven't!), we dressed as Chris Pratt and Aubrey Plaza's two characters (Andy Dwyer and April Ludgate-Dwyer) in their alter-ego states. Aka Burt Macklin, FBI agent, and Janet Snakehole, rich widow he always tries to catch committing crimes.

In the show, they adopt a 3-legged dog named Champion so Kate had an excuse to dress as her favorite animal, a puppy. I tried reeeeal hard to pin one of her arms inside the costume to get the full effect but she was not having it. So I gave up and figured it was one battle not worth fighting.

We then went on to dress just as April and Andy for a nighttime bonfire that eventually got turned into a house party because it was raining:

I tried to master April's perpetual mad face but failed...David put on a Mouserat hoodie and I had a dead crow outline and for a super last minute costume it worked. Plus it was warm, and better than heels & tights for a party. (I'm lazy what can I say??)

We gave Kate half a Kit Kat while trick-or-treating at David's work and she went MEGA CRAZY. Instant sugar high and it was craziness. She spent the rest of the time running down every hallway and the spinning around in chairs and it was hilarious.

On Halloween night we kept it pretty chill and just rented the new Avengers movie and stayed home. David was sad because we ended up eating dinner out during the most popular trick-or-treating time in our neighborhood. Next year we'll plan better and be home for it!

I thought about making her a saint costume for All Saint's Day this year, but then realized we'd have no place to display it or show it off so I just didn't. I think we'll wait a few more years for that!

Hope your Halloween was filled with good candy and cute costumes.


  1. Aw Kate is so adorable in the puppy costume!

  2. Oh I am so glad you reached out to me. BEST COSTUME EVER. Parks and Rec is my favorite show and they are my favorite couple (not counting Leslie and Ann)


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