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For my beautiful and lovely friend Katherine's wedding, I knew I had to make her an extra special and fun gift, because she's amazing and wonderful and I can't seem to express that very often.

I knew I wanted something personal, but I didn't want to spend a TON of time on it, because we're hella busy and because I'm also pretty lazy (real honesty here, people). I toyed around with the idea of another type of blanket (I made a quilt for Caitlin's wedding) but like I said, time and stuff.

So -- I decided to embroider some modern sayings on some tea towels, because to me there's nothing funnier than inappropriate or hilarious sayings in old-timey mediums. Tea towels embroidered by hand seemed to do the trick.

I had a lot of fun making them - ask David, I giggled while doing some of the embroidery just because I thought I was so funny.

I started another embroidery project before these, so I'm working on getting back to it now (just a few finishing touches and I'll be finished) so I'll post it once I'm finished. I saw this really cool project on Pinterest last night and decided that it might be my next one - whaddya think?

Happy crafting!


  1. These are so cute! I've been getting back into embroidery lately. I did it when I was younger, but I would love to hang some funny things around the house. This is a great idea, thanks for sharing :)


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