It's (gonna be) already May?

Life's been a tad overwhelming lately. Hence, blogging has taken a back seat.

I managed to catch this shot of a beautiful storm-filled sunset the other night, which reminded me that I was behind on taking Kate's 11 month pictures, and then I got promptly overwhelmed with everything I'm behind on in life, and had a mild panic attack.

Luckily it's been a few days since then, and my panic attack has somewhat subsided. But I still have a little bit of a shudder every time I happen to look at our calendar for May, because hellooooo crazy month.

So far the month of May includes:

  • 4 graduation parties, 3 of which are our siblings
  • 2 bridal showers
  • 3 weddings (one of which I'm a bridesmaid for)
  • 2 birthday parties (mine and Kate's!)

And tons of other time commitments and parties and social events. It's enough to make an introvert like me go straight into a tailspin of social commitment phobia.

So I've been trying to soak in moments like the one above. When it's just me and David and Kate hanging out together (as much as an almost one year old can "hang out"), enjoying our relatively quiet nights.

I've been working on some sewing projects, which I can't reveal yet -- but don't you worry, they're worth the wait. I've also been trying to actually keep up with housework in addition to the added busyness of work right now, and it's just a lot to handle.

Isn't it always this way though, around the beginning of summer? It's just a transition for me still going from school-related end of the year things to being-an-adult end of the year things. I'm guessing it'll take me about 5 years to get used to it...right when we start sending Kate to school. Oh well!

How's May going for you? Lovely, I hope?

P.S. Anyone else listening to the new Mumford & Sons album besides me?


  1. And I thought our May was going to be crazy! How exciting, though. Great thinking to soak in those quiet family moments when you can!


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