Birthdays, fun, busyness, etc.

Wow, killer post title, huh? This past weekend/week/really, month, has totally flown by - in a mass of birthday fun, party prep, fun baby things, and so much more. How bout a mostly-pictorial recap?

We celebrated Kate's first birthday with a big shindig on Sunday. Aren't our decorations super cute? David found our "it's a girl" sign in the garage and we couldn't resist putting it back up for the party.

Although it did confuse some of the guests into thinking we were expecting again.....nope, we're not. :)

I was super curious to see how Kate would treat her "smash cake"...which was more of a fail than I'd like to disclose on this here blog. (Seriously, though, someone teach me your frosting-cake-ways. I can never do it right.)

After a few prods and pokes, eventually she dug right in. Lots ended up on the concrete (outside, yes, best plan ever!) and lots down the front of her clothes, but a HECK of a lot in her stomach too. It was so great to watch.

The above is a project I'm hoping to continue for Kate - and for other future children, if we're blessed with them. I had people at the party write a message to Kate, and then her dad and I did too. I'm hoping we'll keep it up from now until she turns 18 (or 16, or sometime near adulthood) so she can keep it for a very long time!

Don't worry, this is one of the TWO, and only two, projects I plan to do for each of our kids. #1 is a baby quilt, and #2 is a birthday message book. I wish I would have thought of it when she was born, but year 1 isn't a bad place to start.

(Also, I had a ton of fun hand-lettering for this project. Can you tell?)

We celebrated my birthday with my immediate family on Monday evening (Memorial Day), after a lot of party cleanup and some downtime with David's family who spent the night Sunday after the party. My bday party included a lot of pizza, lots of laughs, and some good antics from Kate.

Then on Tuesday (my actual birthday) I turned 24 -- yikes! I'm old! -- and we went for a walk, then to Lazlo's (our go-to dinner in Lincoln) for my celebration. It was really a great birthday. Simple, with the two people in the world that I love the most. 

When I type it out like that, I remember how crazy it's felt the last week or two.

Now we're off to visit David's brother in Philadelphia for a vacation, so I won't be blogging again til we get back! If you've got any must-sees in Philly, PLEASE let me know. We're looking for things to do!


  1. Philly? Hmmm... I hear the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament are pretty legit... Maybe check them out?

    1. HAHAHAHA MEGHAN. I can't stop laughing at this comment. :)


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