7QT #28: podcasts, snow, & creepy elves

Probably my last quick takes edition for the year of 2014. what the whattttt
Better make it a good one!

I finally jumped on the bandwagon - the Serial bandwagon, that is. I've been recommended it by lots of different people and/or websites and reviews. I read this review of it from Verily yesterday and finally got on it.

I've never listened to a podcast regularly before but I know that I am going to for sure devour this one whole and entire. Am I becoming a podcast listener? Who knows, maybe I am...this would be a new genre for me.

I've always been an NPR listener (and loved it!) so this is right up my alley, I suppose! And a murder mystery type thing? Definitely my favorite things together. (It's definitely not family-friendly though, so take it with a grain of salt...and maybe when you're alone.) What are some podcasts I should be listening to?

It finally snowed!

I was really worried that we were going to have an entire Advent/Christmas without snow. Unfortunately, it only stuck around for about 4 hours before everything melted. Wah wah. So here's hoping we get snow again before the 25th?

Poor baby Kate has been teething pretty bad the last couple days. She's feverish off and on, and constantly grabbing at her cheeks and sticking anything and everything in her mouth for some relief.

It's so strange to notice how different she can be when something's wrong. I knew that I would know my baby really well, because, hello, she's my baby - but I can tell from the tone of her cry that she's teething which is something I never would have guessed I'd be able to do.

Right now we're doing a combination of lots of naps, cuddles, Hyland's Teething Tablets, and a healthy dose of just trying to suffer through it. Hopefully this one ends somewhat soon!

Okay, does anyone else find the concept of Elf on the Shelf extremely creepy and/or counter-intuitive? My girlfriends and I were talking about this on Wednesday night. I understand the cute aspect - and believe me when I say I loooove looking at all the creative things those elves get up to on Pinterest - but it seems a little backwards to me.

Can't Santa "see you when you're sleeping and know when you're awake?" If so, why does he need another spy to come watch you? And if this Elf is so important, is he really going to judge your naughty vs. nice qualities over the span of one month? I mean, I could be good for one month as a kid if I knew it would get me presents - the rest of the year bring out the big guns!

I do always love a good poop joke, though...

I only have one present left to buy (for my dad) and then my Christmas shopping is done! I was going to try and finish all last weekend, but when I went to get my planned present, they were out of what I wanted to buy for him.

Got any present ideas for a 60 year old dad-of-four who loves to read and listen to music?

This Christmas is going to be a somewhat crazy one for us. We're trying to do it all - which includes 3 family birthdays between the 22th and the 25th (3!!! yes, 3!!!), two immediate family gatherings, 4 extended family gatherings, and a whole host of out-of-town relatives and friends who live far away parties and hanging out.

It's been great to have Kate around during this holiday season, and I have a feeling that she will come in handy extra when we she needs to sneak away to take a nap.

How about a cute cuddle pic to wrap this non-exciting post up? Yes, you say? Okay...

Yes, her post-nap cheeks are to. die. for.

Linking up with Kelly (new host of 7QT) and everyone else! Have a very merry Christmas!


  1. Gosh another reccomendations for Serial?! I may have to check it out. Thanks for the graphic content warning, it's good to know not to turn it on with little ears around!
    Merry Christmas!!

  2. John and I LOVED listening to Serial together. Just listened to the last ep last night and, in our opinion, they did a great job wrapping it up. :) It's basically the king of all podcasts, though, so I'm afraid to dive into other ones only to be disappointed. Therefore, I have no podcast recs for ya. Hope you enjoy it, though! You'll have to let me know what you think once you listen to all 12 eps. And side note - we find it's an especially nice distraction for long car rides.

    Hrmmm, Christmas gift for your dad. The only rec I have is for a fantastic book called "To Say Nothing of the Dog" by Connie Willis. It's a great time travel, history, comedy read!! Highly recommend. :)

  3. #5 - If you get some good suggestions, pass them along. I always resort to gift cards or salty snacks. (The last time I heartily recommended a book to him he admitted he didn't even finish it. It's like I haven't known him my whole life.)


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